The backpack straps and built-in reflexive strips for night-time security make it a superb option. The case also features top-class aluminum valance. £ 74. Mandolin is a very beautiful string instrument. 9) Golden Gate C-1521 Premier Hard-shell A-Model Mandolin Case. This black fabric bag is very light in weight and carries only 1.1 pounds. Besides, additional pockets for the storage of accessories are also added. To make the transport easier, it comprises a comfortable runner handle. The manufacturing material comprises Tolex covering that is black in color which looks classy and provides more protection due to its resilient structure. If money is not a problem for you and you are very concerned about the safety of your instrument, you can go for any high-end bag. Guardian CG-035-MA is a dull-gold colored case that is warm-brown from the inside and this color combination is liked and preferred by many. Therefore, you must keep it in a carrying case. The case features a well-fitted and soft interior that offers complete neck support. 99 Gator Journeyman Deluxe Mandolin Case The outer shell is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, a highly resilient material that ensures an … The chest strap is made adjustable for ultimate portability. The exterior is made-up of black tolex which is famous for its resilience. When it comes to choosing a carrying case for mandolin, arched top structures are preferred over flat ones as they provide greater protection. The travel musicians should try this one and they would surely be impressed by the excellent quality and chic design. TKL LTD™ Arch-Top A-Style Limited Edition™ Hardshell Mandolin Case, TKL Premier™ A-Style Mandolin Hardshell Case, TKL Premier™ F-Style Mandolin Hardshell Case, TKL LTD™ Arch-Top F-Style Limited Edition™ Hardshell Mandolin Case, TKL Black Belt® Traditional A / F Mandolin Soft Case™, TKL Vectra® 3.2 F-Style Pro-Form® USA Molded Guitar Case - Gold Standard™ Exterior, TKL Vectra® 3.2 F-Style Pro-Form® USA Molded Guitar Case - Alumin-X™ Exterior, TKL Vectra® 3.2 F-Style Pro-Form® USA Molded Guitar Case - Glacier White™ Exterior, TKL Vectra® 3.2 F-Style Pro-Form® USA Molded Guitar Case, TKL Zero-Gravity® Combination A / F-Style Mandolin Case, TKL Premier™ DLX A-Style Mandolin Hardshell Case, TKL Vectra® 3.2 F-Style Pro-Form® USA Molded Guitar Case - Classic Slate Blue™ Exterior, TKL Black Belt® Deluxe A / F Mandolin Soft Case™, TKL Vectra® IPX™ A / F Mandolin Impact-X™ Case. In short, this case delivers a perfect blend of safety and class. TKL Premier™ DLX A-Style Mandolin Hardshell Case TKL 7951. All the above-mentioned models are best in terms of construction quality and durability. The one mentioned here is also in black color and contains tolex covering that makes it stronger and perfect for protecting your mandolin again any kind of damage during the travel. They require proper protection and safe storage in order to remain fully functional. 12) Guardian CG-010-MA Featherweight Case, A-Model Mandolin. Those who have used any string instrument ever know how delicate these are. No matter what the purpose is, if you own one, you have to take special care of it. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 0 Comments. The case exterior is made up of ballistic nylon that looks as good as new even after years. This string instrument is likely to get damaged if not stored properly particularly during your traveling. This luggage grade black nylon with padding of 12mm makes it a long-lasting bag that is highly suitable for the protection of your instrument. It is built to provide enhanced comfort in transport and greater protection. The blue outer cover looks pleasing to the eyes while the inner comprises lining of red velvet. There is a vast variety of mandolin cases available out there in the market and you should choose one according to your mandolin model. The exterior of the case comprises wood which makes it a smart choice. Whether you have an F style mandolin or A style mandolin, this bag is perfect for both. Interior of the case consists of plush velour and gives complete neck support. 18) Crossrock CRSG106MABG A & F Style Mandolin Gig Bag. 4) Musician’s Gear Hardshell A-Style Mandolin Case. In order to make it strong, the outer side of the case consists of DuraGuard Nylon. The GC-MANDOLIN is fit for both “A” and “F” style mandolins. Like every case in our armory, a hard shell flight case shields your instrument in multiple layers of fiberglass, while soft urethane foam padding and low density foam wedge pads combine to perfectly contour your instrument to a “glove-like fit.” How to Learn Bass Guitar at Home by Yourself? The bumper protected valance and high-quality locks are some of its plus points. You should choose as per your needs. The interior of the case comprises high-density polystyrene that keeps it light in weight and credible in providing protection. Selecting a sturdy and durable bag is better as you won’t have to change that again. 16) Guardian CG-035-MA Archtop Tweed Case, Mandolin. CMUSE is your music news and entertainment website. The bag’s exterior consists of heavy-duty fabric and the inner is made soft with the lining of soft nylon. The Cordura nylon exterior and super-soft interior make it appropriate for keeping your mandolin safe. The additional front pocket is spacious enough and provides extra storage for keeping your accessories. ABS Hardshell Cases. Its interior is lined with black plush that makes it soft and helps to keep the instrument in place. Some may consider it a bit heavy as compared to the other cases. Calton Fiberglass F Mandolin Case … One thing that you should always remember while buying a case or gig-bag for your instrument is that you should never compromise on quality. It is specifically designed for the F style mandolin. Get a well-stitched bag made with high-quality material so that it can provide complete protection to your mandolin. The bumper protected valance and high-quality locks are some of its plus points. Likewise, the tolex covering makes the exterior more secure. 6) Travelite TL-45 Deluxe F-Model Mandolin Case. Although it is a bit expensive, quality and structure fairly justify the price. You can carry the bag as you like and travel with greater ease. This 5-plywood structure can tolerate high pressure and can keep your instrument safe and secure. 1) Carrion C-3701 Black Hard-shell A-Model Mandolin Case. The one mentioned here also comprise arched top and the 5-ply wooden core makes it one of the best choices available in the market. The choice of right bag is very important. This one like others have impressive construction and is known to be highly durable. Additionally, the top structure is arched and features 3-ply cross-grained wood that gives additional protection. It won’t let the natural finish of your instrument get damaged. Moreover, there are additional compartments inside for storage of accessories. Furthermore, the webbed handle is also padded. These were some of the widely used and most preferred cases. 4 Methods... 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the French Horn, 14 Websites to Learn Grammar Lessons Online (Free and Paid). It is made to make transport easy and the robust structure makes it a more reliable choice. The exterior is made of fiberglass that is an outstanding choice considering the durability. 5-Plywood construction and authentic covering make it worth buying. If you are a newbie and trying this delicate instrument for the first time, carrying a bag is necessary for you. You can select any of these depending on your budget and traveling frequency. Thus, it is important to keep your mandolin in a well-made case. Additionally, it offers a stylish look and black color looks classy. Interestingly, the brass hardware is triple gold-plated and the latches are lockable that give additional security. Plush lining in black and the foam padding makes the inner soft and safe for your instrument. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the music industry. Likewise, plush is added to increase protection on all the sides. The interior of the case has a plush lining that doesn’t let your instrument move and gets damaged. Its curved top structure and suspension top and bottom parts contribute to increasing strength. Out Of Stock. As for the exterior is concerned, it is covered with top-tier tolex that makes it look way more expensive than it actually is. 8) Gearlux A-Style Mandolin Hardshell Case. This pro mandolin bag is made for all the A style and F style mandolins. 11) Kaces KUMB Pro Universal Mandolin Bag. This case is strongly built and is very hard from the outside. Moreover, the crushed velvet interior in royal blue color makes the inside of the case extremely soft and it looks good as well. All its cases are brilliant in terms of providing safety and easy portability for the musical instruments. The exterior of the bag comprises good-quality nylon fabric that is tear-proof and scuff proof. In order to make your buying decision easier, we have come up with a list of best selling bags and cases from various known brands. Quantity. Mostly foam, with some reinforcement and covered with nylon fabric. It is made to deliver high-level comfort in traveling and complete protection to your instrument. Looking for a low-cost case?
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