I am mindful that some preamps bring out the best in my ribbons and others just can't make my ribbons sound good and I am not just talking gain-   but that is another discussion. I had to laugh when I read this post because I have been thinking I was the only person who cared for the 4040. I spoke to someone and they felt the Royer more sturdy for the job. I don't really like my 121 on guitar amps all that much. Royer 121 vs AEA R92 or AEA R84 - Phil O'Keefe: In The Studio Trenches - Harmony Central. I think the biggest selling point for me and what I want the mic for is the fact that its Hyper-Cardioid. If you're mainly getting a ribbon for guitar amps, I'd either get the Royer 121 (which is what I did), or else an AEA R92. I did an album's worth of guitar today and put up three mics just for fun. I really like this mic for vocals, acoustic instruments, but most of all micing guitar cabs. Ribbon Mic Drum Overhead Shootout: Royer R121 vs. Coles 4038 vs. Shure KSM 313 vs. AEA R84 SDC Drum Overhead Shootout: Miktek C5 vs. Schoeps CMC6 vs. Neumann KM184 vs. Peluso P84 Tags All microphones were run through our Phoenix DRS8 mic pre , and … Decisions, decisions, want a ribbon for elec guitar: Royer 121 $1100 vs AEA R92 $825 or AEA R84 $1000 Fletchers web site describes the R92 as good for placing fairly close to the grill. Used to record overheads wiht Beyer M160 - one day I got tired of it and used some Tube mics up there - also nice but something was missing - main problem I didn't like to eq it that much - IOW those didn't take EQ that well. thomas eaton recording / universal noise storage. Now I'm using Royers121 as overheads (2nd Project) and I'm really surprised about the quality of the transients and how easy it is to EQ em. I decided not to use the 121 today. I couldn't agree more. I have four of them, plus the M130. I've found the M130 to be more neutral and relaxed sounding than the M160, with more space to the sound thanks to the bidirectional pattern. In this installment of our drum overhead shootout series, we put 4 of our favorite ribbon mics head-to-head: the Royer R121, the Shure KSM 313, the Coles 4038, and the AEA R84. It did the job and I couldn't help but wonder what was up. I've always used the M130 as a side mic, and never on it's own. Funny as it may sound, I don't really know. I also have a AEA 84 that is a very nice all around mic but it doesn't have the top top end sparkle like the 4040-- nevertheless the 84 has served me well and I wouldn't consider parting with it. Re: Royer R-121 vs AEA R-84 vs Beyer 160 « Reply #42 on: June 08, 2009, 08:25:09 pm » I think the biggest selling point for me and what I want the mic for is the fact that its Hyper-Cardioid. Yesterday I was recording an electric guitar cab and couldn't get the sound I was after until I threw up my 4040. The 121 usually seems kind of "eh". IME, the M160 has FAILED (tonally, not physically speaking) less than any ribbon mic ive used or own. Re: Royer R-121 vs AEA R-84 « Reply #13 on: March 12, 2009, 10:42:48 am » Just to add another contender, I'd like to hear people's opinions on the R84 v. the Coles 4038. I have used Royer 121s  and got great results with the ribbon literally inches from the guitar cab speaker cone--  nothing like it but no often a sound I am personally looking for so I haven't been compelled to purchase one. Better for live and guitar cabs. I'll probably pick up a 160 for that flavor. Topic: Royer R-121 vs AEA R-84  (Read 21813 times). For me the 121 works well for acoustic but I have never been successful with it for vocals like I have with the 4040 or 84. if i had to buy one ribbon that would be used across many applications, it would easily be it.
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