Would definitely be love for traditional scent lovers. be the first to know about our latest news, trends and offers straight in your inbox. If you can’t resist a strong perfume making a strong statement, Haramain Hajar is your perfect choice. A genuinely raw mix of brawn makes this a day-long companion in rough terrain. Al Haramain Hajar perfume oil is on the more feminine side. An intelligent choice that’s affectionate and accessible. And mixed with Badars creaminess equals, sweet, yummy, grown up gourmand. Smyslné pižmo se snoubí s okouzlujícím jantarem. Order Al Haramain Hajar 15ml on sale at shop.alharamainperfumes.com and experience the best perfumes online. I had to go back to the same store and get this one. Oriental Rose and Ylang, very long lasting oil. out of The air is filled with the traces of spice and resins from the bakhoor and mixes with the intense smell of the roses outside; big,blood red and opulent,matured in the sun they peak through the wooden Moorish lattice and fill the room not only with their presence but their sultry, creamy aroma. I just LOVE this one. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. If you can’t resist a strong perfume making a strong statement, Haramain Hajar is your perfect choice. Wow! Hajar is a beautiful floral that comes in the squared off glass roller ball in the "cigarette pack" box. Rating Al Haramain Haramain Hajar 3 90 de zile pentru a rambursa comanda dumneavoastră Suntem la dispoziția dvs. A fragrance so soothing it will elevate your mood so high you could touch the stars. So even if they smell very nice they recall an image for me of something being 'not original' "fake" and something that is less than it wants to be seen by others. definitely office safe. Until I joined Fragrantica, it had never occurred to me to try an attar - or any of the Arabic perfumes, to be honest. My interest in perfume has turned into an expensive obsession! A fragrance so soothing it will elevate your mood so high you could touch the stars. Al Haramain este dedicat tuturor iubitorilor de parfumuri, celor care pun accent pe calitate si aspect, celor cazuti sub vraja Orientului Mijlociu. I recently discovered the Al Haramain range and I must say I am very impressed so far. It's a floral that is unmistakably RED ROSE centered. Strong encounter! I now own about 30. It's not quite rose, is it? I love him! I simply couldn't get it out of my head. Click to find out about our Shipping Policy and our Return Policy! Deep Comforting Rich and High quality traditional Arabic Rose scent at such a low price. like a hot sweet tea before bed time. . To me, this is primarily a ylang ylang scent with a good amount of geranium and some very dry woods. Copyright © 1970 -2020 Al Haramain Perfumes | All Rights Reserved. For the vast majority of this fragrance, I don't smell a single rose. It has a good longtivity and sillage. I agree @Planet_X. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. use geranium oil instead of rose extract or rose absolute. quite linear from start to end. $10.95. Mgical, sweet, lovely, beautiful perfume. Perfume lovers: 587159 This is not the first one I've tried, but somehow seems to be the easiest one to review. Mouthwatering musky Sandalwood with a watery Ambery Ylang Ylang. . Beauty Almanac |. în fiecare zi Doar produse autentice Very much a Rosescent and to the feminine side. Všechny informace o produktu Parfém Al Haramain Hajar parfémovaný olej unisex 15 ml, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Al Haramain Hajar parfémovaný olej unisex 15 ml. I do not like the tiny boppers nowadays. I have Rose Divine of ID, which has 1% of Rose Absolute, so Hajar smells like it has 2% of Rose Absolute, also I am sure saffron and oud notes are missing here. Fragrance Reviews: 998973 Perfumes: 62751 This scent is not mixing well with me and made me feel physically ill.
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