We like that it’s easy to apply on damp hair and that it leaves no clumps, but it’s important to work it into your hands before you apply it. The K+S Premium Styling Clay gives you the freedom to create any style you wish while also adding volume to flat hair. Never skip this step to apply your clay onto your hair straight from the can. You’ll also like the Cement Matte Hair Clay’s textured, natural-looking finish that doesn’t leave behind tell-tale flakes like some other clays. Not so with hair clay, which you can rub into hair from its roots to its tips. These are the 13 best texturizing sprays that boost volume, create definition, absorb oil, and add hold to your hair, without leaving it crunchy or heavy. If a product performs well, and as expected, it’s naturally going to earn high marks. The oil can clog pores and aggravate your acne issues. The K+S Premium Styling Clay certainly lives up to a higher standard – including in its list of ingredients that are paraben-free and filled with kind of natural stuff that A) won’t damage hair and B) won’t stiffen like many styling products infused with synthetic ingredients. Updated hourly. A traditional clay that holds true to its properties. Choosing products with plenty of natural ingredients is a good choice for any styling product. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. It’s also strong stuff: it provides a powerful hold that you won’t find in most clays. Water-based pomades have a higher shine but less hold than oil-based ones, but classic pomades, like those that became popular in the U.S. in the 1950s and 60s, are oil-based. Like clay, hair wax is a great option if you’re looking to add volume to your hair. It’s also a good choice if you have sensitive skin, because its ingredient list usually includes natural oils and beeswax. Run your hands through your hair while, again, making sure that you cover it from root to tip. It also can help you achieve more complex, aggressive hairstyles without leaving your hair feeling brittle or dry. It leaves a natural look and plenty of movement and flow in your hair. Unlike a lot of clay’s, it’s very easy to get the proportions right, here: you only need a little of the stuff, and it will provide a long-lasting hold that you can restyle throughout the day if you need to. Clay provides a matte to low-shine finish and typically includes a … “Hair gel” often is used as a catch-all phrase for a variety of hairstyling products, but it’s a different product than clays, waxes, and pomades. The hairdryer also helps to lock in the clay’s moisture. Smooth Viking’s clay shouldn’t be your first choice if you’re looking for a maximum hold that lasts 24 hours, after all. While its hold is perhaps its strongest feature – and it’s a hold that still leaves your hair workable, when needed – Aveda’s Grooming Clay also leaves a nice-looking matte finish that you’ll often find in top-quality clays. And don’t forget about hair clay, a relative newcomer to the styling game that many men find effective for achieving the hairstyle they desire. However, if you have chronically dry hair, Kaolin Clay is an ideal cleanser that won’t rob your hair of moisture. The modern version of hair clay is made in a big part of…well..clay. The founders of Pete & Pedro – Aaron Marino and Stephen Posta – don’t want you to have just any type of hair. While its hold is on the strong side, it doesn’t leave hair so stiff that you can’t rework it if your style goes out of place during the day. Finally, we take into account other factors, such as price and scent, although the scent isn’t a primary concern, unless it’s unacceptable to a lot of users. The best hair clays to get at the drugstore when you're on a budget. We’d love to hear from you! Fennel seed oil has many hair health benefits, including that it stimulates hair growth, provides needed moisture, and also helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp. Pete & Pedro’s Clay is an ideal choice for men with fine and thinning hair and delivers excellent results that you’d expect from a great (or “good”) styling product. Not only that: it adds a lovely, subtle texture, too. The price of hair clay products varies widely from product to product, in part because of their ingredients, but also because of other factors, like brand name, etc. Among the Premium Styling Clay’s natural ingredients is beeswax which, along with the clay, provides a firm hold and the right amount of control you need for styling your hair as you wish. This post may contain affiliate links. Sea salt spray has gained increasing popularity in the past few years and works great for men and women who want to achieve the textured and tousled “beach” look. That’s crucial for achieving certain hairstyles in which no shine is needed (or wanted). What is hair clay made of. Applying it to damp hair and styling it with a hairdryer will help add volume, while it even works to remove frizz from hair. You won’t get the same kind of hold as you do from a pomade or gel, but you don’t need a super firm hold for popular “messier” styles.
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