Period. Full editable, 16x9 and 4x3 aspect ratio, free support 24/7. Not sure I understand your question though. When your slide is mostly image based it also means that your audience will pay more attention to you, because they will be waiting to hear important details from you rather than just copying down the bullet point text you would otherwise be providing them with. They are usually heavy on text and light on visuals, which usually means that they will be forgotten by your audience just as soon as the next slide pops up. Think digital accessibility. Any other styles you use to come up with the perfect slide I missed? These are the multi-purpose infographic diagram designs and could be used in any industry related presentation. To show a progression or 4 sequential steps in a task, process, or workflow. PPT infographic template for create hight-querlity presentation: 16x9 and 4x3 aspect ratio, easy to edit, only editable shape, free support 24/7. This kind of challenge is a great exercise in itself because it will make you better able to sum up your presentation without the aid of words. Screen readers can understand bullets (older technology). Thanks for your comment. A great challenge behind using icons is that it forces you to think about how to represent verbal ideas in a non-verbal way. See more ideas about Infographic, Cool slides, Presentation. This doesn’t mean that you should completely do away with words, but maybe choose one or two words to accompany the images you select. So don’t be afraid to get creative and rely on infographics to tell your story when bullet points simply won’t do. . Free arrow line process diagram for PowerPoint. If you enjoyed this article, get email updates (it's free). The Free 4 Step Horizontal Diagram for PowerPoint is an exceptional design of a twisted paper. For example, if you are presenting a how-to slideshow of directions for how to use an app, a really awesome looking alternative to bullet points would be to show screenshots of the login page, entering the app dashboard, and then interacting with the app itself. When you add additional levels to a presentation it will give it a bit more dimension; especially if you add photos to the background, this will infuse slides with a sense of narrative and real world context. And, if they can be, what needs to be done to ensure that they are accessible? For example, the first slide of 4 segment concentric circles diagram can…, Professional PowerPoint process diagram 5 step. Sometimes, the truth is that there is no better alternative to using bullet points. If you find yourself needing some new ideas for presentations—and never want to use bullet points again—then you will definitely find these seven alternatives to standard bullet points helpful! negative space is a beautiful, effective way, Infographics have a special place in my heart, previous post: Download These FREE Fonts to Spice Up Your Presentations, next post: 9 Presentation Dos and Don’ts to Beat Your Competition. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, briefcase to explain company’s business model, bar-chart to discuss statistics, dollar symbol for finances, search, and user icons. You can surround your text with bright, colorful shapes to draw attention to each individual talking point. If there is a particular word you want your audience to pay attention to, do not be afraid to dress it up in boldface or choose an extra fancy font to make it truly stand out. The bold alphabetic letters represent these options along with flat clipart illustrations. See more ideas about cool slides, powerpoint, templates. Dress the Bullets Up. 6-step horizontal serpentine process diagram with 6 interconnected square outlines and arrow. Heck, it’s already considered acceptable practice to use GIFs in email correspondence, so who says you can’t use a GIF in your PowerPoint presentation either? Interesting suggestions, but how many of your suggestions ensure that the slides are accessible for people with disabilities? This way, the audience can quickly understand the basic idea of presentation. One of the most effective aspects of infographics is that you can pretty much craft them to tell any story you want. Just remember that like a lengthy bullet point list, a long video (say, anything more than a couple minutes) is a really easy way to lose your audience. Moreover, the use of graphics is a visual aid to keep the message fresh in…. But as people loosen their ties and let a sense of humor permeate the office, there is a growing acceptance of a medium best known for condensing everything from funny cat videos and the Harlem Shake to football highlights and people twerking.
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