Chinese food and sweet and sour sauce go hand in hand and for that reason you’ll find it served in every Chinese restaurant and at every takeout. I would eat this daily with Chicken Balls. The Ingredients are combined and Brought to a boil, then simmered. Two Teaspoons of Club House Red Food Coloring was used for this recipe since I didn’t have any Permicol red food coloring. Chinese Sweet and Sour Sauce gets its pink/red color a few different ways. Some things here you won't find anywhere else. While many Chinese cuisines use some variation of the two ingredients in meat and seafood dishes, the sweet and sour sauce in American restaurants is usually a combination of sugar, vinegar, ketchup, and soy sauce. Bring to Boil. This recipe is the style that would be found in a Chinese (Cantonese) restaurant, with a red ketchup base. I have another version – Cherry Sweet & Sour Sauce. Well, now you can make your own and you will never have to run out. To Serve. Simply Add Water and Oil with the seasoning, Bring to a Boil and serve. If making large batches I prefer to Freeze it and have it on demand. The tartness come from either vinegar, tomato or fruit. Chinese Sweet & Sour Sauce, Red Sweet & Sour Sauce, Restaurant Sweet & Sour Sauce, – Equal amounts of Potato Starch and Cold Water. I can’t quite remember. Mix the potato starch with 1 tablespoon of water (or a little more, as needed) to make a slurry. This does work it’s just not as good as the original or authentic version in my opinion. So you could just use Chinese 5 Spice as well which contains the addition of Sichuan/Szechuan Peppercorn and Fennel Seeds. I have inquired with other restaurants and found that some do in fact use ketchup but these are usually not as good as the authentic version. For the restaurant color use bright red Permicol food coloring as needed. excellent…thank you so much. The Flavoring is almost always Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves with Orange. I'm JAH. The Pumpkin puree as well as the tomato paste assist in the overall flavoring and color. Chinese 5 Spice can be used instead of the Seasoning along with the Salt. When Ready to use Combine the Liquid with Potato Starch and Bring to Boil and Serve. This sweet and sour sauce isn't just for Chinese food. Rhonda Parkinson is a freelance writer who has authored many cookbooks, including two Everything guides to Chinese cooking. Simmered and Strained with Red Food Coloring added, thickened with Potato Starch. This Sauce can also be used for Stir Fry or as a Dipping Sauce for a wide variety of items including Egg Rolls. After 45 Minutes. Sweet and Sour Sauce. It’s about 1/2 Tbl of Potato Starch and Water mixed with 1 Cup of S&S Sauce. Add the Red Food Coloring and adjust the taste. I started this website so that I could share with you what I create in my kitchen. I reconstructed this to the best of my ability trying to remember what the ingredients were while working at one of my very first Jobs at a Chinese restaurant and picking up clues along the way. Just Bring to boil and Thicken with a Potato Starch Slurry. Once boiling, you can strain it through a. Then strain and store away. 3 1/2 ounces rock sugar (You can also use superfine sugar or demerara sugar, but rock sugar is preferable for taste), For an orange-ginger sweet and sour sauce, do not add the potato starch slurry at the beginning. Don’t you hate it when you take out Chinese food, and they don’t give you enough sweet and sour sauce? Combine about 1/2 Tbl Potato Starch with an Equal amount of Water for each Cup of Sweet & Sour Sauce. In some places it’s kept cold or the sauce itself is thickened with Potato or Cornstarch at order time and served. Shut the heat off and let it cool down an hour or so. Restaurants refrigerate it. If you have any extra sauce, you can keep it in a dry and clean container after it is cooled down and store it in the fridge. Red Sweet & Sour Sauce commonly used in Chinese Restaurants. Welcome! Now add 2 tablespoons orange juice, 1 1/2 tablespoons light soy sauce, ketchup (or tomato paste), vinegar, sugar, water, and salt and bring this to a boil. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, How to Substitute Cornstarch and Flour for Each Other, 10 Easy Chinese Recipes That Do Not Require a Wok, 15 Chinese Beef Recipes That Are so Much Better Than Takeout, Top 10 Easy Recipes to Celebrate Chinese New Year. With this recipe there's no reason to store sweet and sour packets anymore, you can simply make your own at home. NOT sweet and sour. Portion and freeze or use right away for Sweet & Sour Sauce. You can add more or less depending on how thick or thin you want it. The longer the sauce sits the more flavor it will develop. This cooking method is named as “溜” in Chinese which meaning stir-fry and cook very quickly. Remove from the heat and serve immediately. I used 2 tsp of Club House Food Coloring. The same that is served at most Chinese Restaurants. My partner is allergic to commercial sweet and sour sauce. In Homemade version Ketchup or Pineapple Juice is used. Delicious Red Sweet and Sour with additional undertones served over Chinese Deep Fried Chicken Balls.This Sauce can also be used for Stir Fry or as a Dipping Sauce … Adjust the Sugar and Vinegar Levels to suit your taste. Then it’s ready. The real Chinese sweet and sour FLAVOR is not created by a sauce but caramelizing, sometimes with help of honey or sugar. I asked one day what was in it. You must continuously stir the sauce to prevent the sauce from getting lumpy. Feel free to experiment and adjust the levels for your taste. Chinese sweet and sour sauce is known as 糖醋汁 in Chinese and is a type of sauce used mainly in quick stir-fry recipes in China. Make your favorite takeout recipes at home with our cookbook! Then when needed, Defrost and heat it up with Potato Starch to thicken and Serve. Some version of the recipe include ketchup or tomatoes as a main ingredient. The Ingredients used are pretty standard across Chinese Restaurants with slight deviations. Add to the Sauce while it is simmering to thicken. Strain the Sauce, through a fine sieve. Sweet and sour is a very popular sauce in Chinese cuisine, with many different ways to make it. This Sauce doesn’t need the Food coloring. You can enjoy this sauce as a dipping sauce for egg rolls or fried shrimp. There might be slight deviations or different levels of ingredients from this, but this is pretty much the standard. Delicious Red Sweet and Sour with additional undertones served over Chinese Deep Fried Chicken Balls. I love sweet and sour sauce for many Asian and other dishes. Panda Express Sweet and Sour Sauce is a quick recipe you’ll want to keep on hand for your favorite Chinese appetizers or even for a quick awesome appetizer on its own (block of cream cheese, sweet and sour sauce … Take a look and make your belly smile. The Sauce is either thickened and kept warm. In addition to this typical red sauce, see a variation that adds orange juice and fresh ginger for a bright flavor with an extra kick.
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