Really appreciate your feedback and your place looks gorgeous! This new product acts as a capping solution that does not require shaving the existing bullnose. Everything that you said was true that it’s basically the same price as higher end plastic floors. Also, I don't have this denting problem I've seen complaints on regarding Coretec. One of my concerns about LVP was an overwhelming pattern look so I worried about getting something that had a lot of lines, squiggles or those knotty hole looks. The stair cap is on the left below. Wood Tile Grout Color - Save my Marriage :). Thanks so much for helping me and it looks stunning and not in disarray at all. For a FREE Estimate for CoreTec Vinyl Plank installation in your … I had no idea flooring would be the hardest choice in our complete first floor remodel, thank goodness for people like you and Bethany who share your experiences. I'm so thrilled with the floors. It is so nice to see others with a pleasant experience. Does anyone have samples of the two they could show me? So far, it conceals dirt much better than my old hardwoods. I went with the recommendation to use only water to clean it until recently (7 months into having the floor installed) and... that is a bad recommendation. The one thing to consider about Noble is that it’s thicker than the others so it will impact the height of the floor. I was so nervous and worries I made a big mistake after the purchase so I am beyond happy with how pretty it looks. These stair Treads are sold as single units and match colors for HD, Design, and Enhanced product lines. If I have an existing bullnose do I need to shave it off to apply this product's technology? Looks so beautiful @myellamae! I have the same samples and the same concerns. I was lucky the flooring company we hired agreed about the repeats (they stopped work and brought it to my attention), and they are willing to exchange for a different color. No film. Ha, I just realized I must have 2 different accounts -- one with my married name and one with my maiden! It is a true post and beam with 7in tongue and groove vertical boards rather than sheetrock on the walls. We have 3000K LEDs throughout. @Bethany Hauck how often do you mop your floors? This is definitely a chameleon floor, and pulls warm or cool depending on the lighting and objects around. And I am so happy to help. T-Mold and Reducer easily snap into the included plastic strip. Share your photos and you could be featured in an upcoming ideabook, Sit back and enjoy a crackling fire set to seasonal music and surrounded by ideas for your own dream living room, Do you prefer pretty pumpkins or gory ghouls? Again, no regrets. Not just my hard work -- I had a lot of help!! This is why I chose Hayes. It’s all getting done when we do the floors. I was farmhouse before farmhouse was cool. I also noted that there is more of a pattern with the planks -- more lines within the plank itself. He said 6K from hardwood. As you can see there is a slightly raised seem at the edge of the plank. There will still be repeats (the price you pay for LVP), but the pattern is much less obvious because background and markings are lighter and the boards are bigger. Hey everyone! I told my flooring people that anyone who is interested in it to contact me. In addition, Hayes as the stair tread/nose so I have it running up my stairs. See how designers are incorporating mini and all-out libraries in the bedroom, Get the lowdown on the colors, materials and other design decisions gaining steam now, Projets de rénovation de A à Z | Lyon et alentours, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies,,, The Most Popular Kitchens From 13 Countries Around the World, Love to Cook? I had to pull both out because she likes to play as I sweep! What do you all think??? You all please keep us posted with pictures! Look how cute she looks against Hayes Oak? Noble Oak does as well. Will post pics when the rooms are back together. I loved her pics and her experience with it! All rights reserved. I wanted a warmer tone but new I didn’t want a darker beige. it has been almost 2 months since they went in and I have zero regrets. @myellamae have you chosen your paint colors yet? Also K H I know you've seen the "Prints on LVP" thread and you'll also see a thread about Coretec denting. A little bit of history, US Floors® initially offered only one option - the stair cap. Will post narrow hallway pics. But they are so gorgeous! @Bethany Hauck said it perfectly -- you look at the sample board and it looks absolutely plain and damn near gray. I am still waiting for my Hayes Oak flooring to be installed. I know there are people that complain about LVP showing prints, but I've not had that with Coretec. FYI Pinnacle Oak is a 7" plank with the same design as Hayes but in the style of the Coretec Plus Premium line. This will work well with wrap around exposed bullnose construction, found in older homes. Hey everyone! In both solutions there is a requirement - a well define a right angle. I'll repost that color comparison if I can find it. I hear you--I can pick out the patterns instantly. And honestly, that was probably one of my biggest worries about Hayes Oak. it looks great! It has the classic, neutral/warm coloring I was looking for, and has so far worn very well, even with a 85lb dog. And I doubted myself even the day of install before I walked upstairs and saw the bedrooms on day 1. house is getting painted, still in disarray but here is a pic of it in the room the painter hasn't finished. Houzz Call: Show Us Your Backyard Wedding! If you’re displaying it, we want to see it! Oh I’m sold!!!
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