Read More…. Try them chickpea puffs on the side with a vegan BLT sandwich for lunch. There are so many options! Use the almond milk in cereal and try the coconut milk in this recipe for 30-minute vegan chickpea curry, it’s easy and delicious! Another plus– compared to most canned black beans, they’re extremely low in sodium, only 85 mgs! We’ve been using this laundry detergent for years, we love it! I love having these frozen zucchini noodles on hand for a quick and healthy dinner! I like that they have a hypoallergenic filling and an organic cotton cover. Some nights I need a quick dinner and this is my go-to main ingredient. I recently shared a list of my favorite organic + vegan products at Trader Joe’s— not just a list of ALL the vegan products at TJ’s but a list of the vegan products that I actually buy and use. This is such a great quick meal to have on hand for nights when you want something healthy and tasty but you just don’t have time to cook! Just reach in and add a handful of crispy roasted seeds to your salad for a boost of healthy fats! I absolutely love them– I even got my mom to switch out all of her plastic containers! I bought it with the intentions of sprinkling it over rawnola bowls that we like for breakfast but it’s so tasty on its own that we end up just snacking on it right out of the bag. While I think it’s an acquired taste, I do like it and you can’t beat this price. The glass containers are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe (although, we don’t use a microwave so I can’t guarantee that medium) but I have put them in the dishwasher (glass + plastic lid) hundreds of times and I’ve never had a problem. Our selection of organic meats, juices & other products include top brands and are available for online ordering. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; Before I got my Instant Pot, I always bought these 8-packs of organic black beans. I do a majority of my grocery shopping at three stores with occasional trips to Whole Foods and Sprouts. If you like beets you have to try these pickled beets! If you’re not gluten-free, you have to try these noodles! I like to blend them up into a sauce for pasta or slice them and put them in wraps or on sandwiches. The following items are Costco products that we use every day but are not necessarily vegan or food-related. It’s a good option to have just in case and they really do taste like chicken– it’s pretty crazy! Note – Costco’s products tend to vary by store and they also seem to go through a seasonal rotation on products so don’t be surprised if you don’t find all of these products at your local store today but they might pop up in a few months! If you see them on sale for less than $4, it’s a great deal– stock up! 17 – Loma Linda Plant-Based Protein Chipotle Bowls. This is the best price I’ve found for organic quinoa anywhere! We love to eat them plain or dipped in hummus or with rainbow salsa. Shop for organic foods. It was a really good vegan (or Lenten for me) meal! GoGo Quinoa’s Super Grain Chocolate Cookies. Everyone knows that Costco has an amazing food court, with its fast food, like hot dogs, pizza slices and ice cream, which are all sold at an extremely cheap price. Try these 30-minute sweet potato black bean burritos or this colorful rainbow salsa recipe! That’s why it’s worth it to me to buy things in bulk because we’re on a budget and I cut every corner possible so we can afford all of the fresh organic produce that we could possibly eat. You wouldn’t know these potato, chutney, and spice-filled ... 2. You can’t go wrong! Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. If you’re vegan and you shop at Costco then you need this list of 51 Costco vegan products! I also like to cut the date in half, add a dollop of peanut butter, then dip the stuffed date in melted dark chocolate and freeze it until set. Make sure you check back in a few days for my list of Cheap Vegan Dinner Recipes to help you save even more money eating vegan! I made some tahini sauce (like the Israelis and other peoples of the Middle East eat it) from supermarket bought tahini paste, mixed with alot of lemon, a little water and some garlic, and stuffed the falafel in a pita pocket with sliced tomatoes and the tahini sauce. I’ve tried all of these items and each one has my stamp of approval on them. I often make this spicy Thai sauce recipe but substitute the zucchini noodles for the sweet potato noodles. I always buy a few bags when they go on sale. Sukhi’s Potato Samosas. Try this creamy broccoli salad or this vegan broccoli cheese soup, it’s so creamy and cheezy! Let’s get to it! Eat a lot of black beans? My mom got me hooked on these, they taste kind of similar to seaweed snack but more earthy. We’ve been using these pillows for over one year now and they’ve held up very well, they are still fluffy and comfy! Pita Pal Organic Balela. These acai bites are so delicious! Tip – If you’re worried about weevils growing in a bag of rice this big, just pop it in the freezer for 24 hours (or store it there indefinitely, that’s what I do) and any eggs that are already in the rice will die. I promise to never share your email with anyone and you'll only be getting Cassie's blog posts to your inbox. Serve it with a big salad for a satisfying dinner! One of my favorite breakfasts is homemade cinnamon oatmeal with a handful of these frozen wild blueberries on top! Photo courtesy of Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Food on Facebook. These cauliflower tots make a delicious and easy, kid-friendly side dish to the best vegan lentil sloppy joes for a quick and healthy dinner. If you think that 4 blocks are too much then you can put the extra blocks in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. It’s so convenient to have a packet of guac ready to go at a moments notice. Their return policy is awesome! Try this vegan pesto pasta bake with the GF quinoa noodles, it’s delish! You don’t even need to bring your receipt because they can look it up on your account. They are delicious. This is a steal! I always add a few to our salads or we just eat a couple of slices as a snack. Gluten Free (14) Results Halal (14) Results Kosher (49) Results Non-GMO (8) Results Organic (20) Results Vegan (7) Results Vegetarian (9) Results Show more options Smart Snacks 54 – Free & Clear Organic Laundry Detergent. Subscribe to get a FREE printable vegan grocery shopping list + vegan recipes sent to your inbox every week! Did I miss any of your favorite vegan products? (that's probably too much to ask though! I am Greek Orthodox, and our Lenten fast is a strict one--basically vegan, so I check these things out!! I buy bulk items at Costco, organic produce at a local market, and specific products (inexpensive organic vegan wine, coconut aminos, my favorite vegan granola bars) at Trader Joe’s when I can make a trip there. ), Yes they are Tuco! I add chia seeds to everything–> Salads, granola bars, smoothies, etc. It’s a huge jar and you can do so much with them! If you eat a lot of salads as we do then this product is so convenient to have on hand. It’s super creamy and has a delicious nutty flavor. I’ve tried a lot of gluten-free pasta and so far, chickpea flour noodles are my favorite! Members can get cheaper gas at the Costco gas station. but if we’re out of bread and I don’t want to make any other trips then I get this bread. We live in Florida, and last September, we lost power for one week after Hurrican Irma hit. Just be careful not to overcook the zucchini noodles because they’re very delicate and can get too soft very easily. You just can’t beat $1.47 for a pack of sprouted tofu, this is a great deal! Try this recipe for 15-minute fire-roasted red pepper pasta! I love this brand, their vegan bacon is super delicious too. Not sure if you like quinoa? Then you press it (with a tofu press) and can add it to low-carb roasted veggie tofu tacos for extra protein or in taco tofu stuffed tomatoes!
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