packages (12 packages for $1.94 at Aldi, Walmart, etc.) I will give them kudos for including sliced green onion, however true Tokyo style ramen uses thin slivers of just the white part of the stalks of Negi, a much larger Japanese green onion. I have Ramen noodle soup at least 150x per year and saving $300 a year to eat the alternative is worth it to me. i just bought some for the first time yesterday, only difference is they're now in a black bowl. Excellent value considering quality and execution compared to cheap Cup Noodle “dorm grub”. The only thing of note is to spread out the water a little bit when pouring it over the noodles or the noodles might end up getting clumped. Its amazing! Your email address will not be published. As good as from the regular grocery store at less than half the price! They went from 4 in a box to 6, without changing how much was actually in a box. it should NOT have corn; B.) I’ve called costco begging for its return. The new recipe doesn’t have corn & broccoli. I've eaten a couple and feel fine and it tastes pretty delicious for only 7 dollars for six bowls. Bleh. The chicken is the exact same though, and then the new bowl has an indent in the middle to lower how much they can put in a bowl. 58 %56 gCarbs. WTF?, and Where TF is the Menma (marinated bamboo shoots)?!!! Their Shoyu Ramen is excellent, both the broth and the noodles, especially for dry, packaged stuff! At least not from the old school Tokyo style I’m familiar with in my travels there. LOL Now, instead of having four bowls per box, there are six smaller bowls. I thought Costco was buying from a different company but now I understand that its the company that changed their recipe. But hey, I bought into this, knowing that going in, so I can’t complain. Mixed Veggies (corn, carrots, peas, green beans: $0.84/12 oz, at Walmart) What’s really bad is if you don’t realize the nutrition numbers they list on the box is only for half a bowl, as if they want to hide the rediculously high sodium content (one bowl is really one serving, not a half a bowl). haha I like the corn, carrot and chicken, but not a fan of the red pepper, so I take those out before nuking. “Hemmo” da’ corn, bell pepper and carrots and add in your own Menma, along with perhaps a soft-boiled egg and this would be rockin’ it! The soup could have used more of everything -- chicken, vegetables, and noodles. Your email address will not be published. Again, I REALLY taste that chicken in there, where if it were slices of pork, would have tasted WAY better. Serving Size : 0.5 pack. Our Costco stopped carrying them a while ago. I give the broth one thumb’s up. And besides, as the late comedian Sam Kinison said “When you get to the point where sugar and salt kick your butt, it’s time to get in the box”. All fields are required. I loved the old version, but the new version the noodles are fluffy and almost soggy compared to the old ones. But what’s with the rotten tasting chicken pieces??!! Sam Choys - Yakisoba Noodle Bowl From Costco. Texture is all wrong. Huge disappointment. At 390 calories with 8 grams total fat per bowl, somewhat reasonable, however at 1,850mg of sodium?! Calorie Goal 1,770 cal. thanks for this review….. i throw away the box and didnt remember the instructions.. but thanks to this awesome review i was able to eat it…. 31 % 16g Fat. 3. I have purchased about 12 boxes of these over the past several months. You should try. I only bought it because I was craving Ramen and wanted to try it out. You also have the choice of Maruchan Creamy Chicken and various other flavors. Not two, but still, really good! What? Still delicious! Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a … I am hoping that this discontinuation is based on local sales by warehouse club, rather than across all stores. 230 Cal. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Log Food. It doesn’t have broccoli anymore, but it definitely has corn. We used to have a store like that here in Honolulu called Grocery Outlet. Sadly, it’s not improved. Lookin’ good so far! lol. With this, sorry to say, but they’ve “Americanized” what they claim is “Tokyo Style” Shoyu Ramen. And? As for the salt, it isn’t that bad at all. I’ve had shitty ramen at restaurants too. No Japanese person can eat this noodle for the second time. Your email address will not be published. I spit them out – that’s too bad and should never happen – but other than that I really like these bowls. And it probably isn't a good idea to drink all the broth, either. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Soup, Bouillon & Broth products. Pretty dang good. I think it might be a winter/cold weather thing. Next, let’s slurp up loudly some ramen noodles. It also tastes exactly the same to me. Where did you get it and how much? I check the Asian frozen aisle every week and they had them again just last week. But then we tried this Ramen, it’s really good with China Lily Soy Sauce added to it too. I’ll never buy this again, it was much too salty. Also, this is definitely better than any other Packaged Ramen I’ve ever had. Dad still jogs 3 miles a day and skis in the winter. Dont think ill be picking these up again. It’s a soy sauce so I’d imagine most of it stays behind, but it would be nice to know exactly how much. I actually found this at a local store called Town Talk and paid only 7 dollars for a box but, granted, it is slightly expired. $0.11 for 1.5 oz frozen. Best Ramen I’ve tasted aside from a good ramen restaurant. Costco doesn't carry it, but I find in in Cali at Asian markets. My Costco (Van Nuys, CA) finally got it in. I’m thinking they added those kinds of veggies to appeal to a wider non-Japanese customer base.
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