Decline dumbbell floor press ; Dumbbell chest fly ; Svend press ; Single-arm floor press This exercise is very similar to the chest press, but you’ll lie on the floor instead of on a bench. Rest 30-90 seconds between sets and 1-2 minutes between exercises. If all of this makes it sound easy, don't be fooled. Pause briefly at the bottom of each rep. This makes the chest do more work without compromising shoulder health. Standing Chest Press x 12 The dumbbell fly is a weight training exercise that recruits a number of muscles in the upper body. Using the floor helps remove potential strain on your shoulder joints. What Muscle Does a Dumbbell Fly Work?. No bench required. Step 4 This workout is designed to hit your pectoral muscles from all angles and deliver a complete chest workout for developing strength and size. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your arms out to the sides and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Finally, for people looking to work their triceps who get elbow pain from skullcrushers and other extension variations, the dumbbell floor press is a great workaround. The chest fly is a move that has benefits for the inner part of the shoulder as well. Pectoralis major: the twin, fan-shaped muscles on the front of your rib cage are the prime movers in this exercise.They work to draw your arms from the abducted (wide open) position toward the midline of your chest. This is one of the best flye variations you can do for pecs. The chest muscles are your primary worker during chest fly. What Muscles Does the Dumbbell Chest Fly Work? From a lying position on a flat bench, hold the dumbbells over your chest with your arms fully extended. This workout is split into 3 supersets. Done properly, you are helping to protect your shoulder, especially your rotator cuff. Standing chest press w/ resistance tubing. Do three to five sets of the following exercises, doing as many reps as it takes to fatigue your chest muscles. SUPERSET 1. Maintain your slightly flexed elbows, neutral wrist position and contact of your head, shoulder, butt and feet with the bench and floor/riser. It can be added as a finishing exercise in your chest workout routine after performing compound movements like … 1. A fly or flye is a strength training exercise in which the hand and arm move through an arc while the elbow is kept at a constant angle. With this floor version, the triceps should touch the floor but not the dumbbells. Dumbbell T Push Up x 12 alternating; Standing Upward Chest Fly x 15; Rest for 45 seconds and repeat x 3. The dumbbell fly is a traditional bodybuilding exercise used for isolating the chest muscles, promoting growth in the pecs thereby helping you to build an aesthetic physique. Work your chest at home with this dumbbell chest workout. While allowing a slight … Downward Phase: Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells in unison in a wide arc until they lie level with your shoulders or chest. Strengthens Arms. 1. Upper-Body Exercise #2: Floor Press. Related: The Very Best Way to Build Your Chest Related: Master the Dip for a Big Chest 10. Primary muscles: Chest Secondary muscles: Shoulders, arms Equipment: Dumbbells Exercise for the opposite muscles: Dumbbell bent over row STANDING CHEST FLY INSTRUCTIONS. SUPERSET 2. A heavy—or not so heavy—floor press can force you to generate just as much full-body tension as the bench press. Muscles worked: Pectoralis major, anterior and lateral deltoids, triceps, abdominals, and legs. Grab a dumbbell in each hand, and lie faceup on the floor with knees bent and feet firmly planted. The major muscles recruited in this move overlap with your pushing muscles. Keep the dumbbells parallel with each other during the movement.
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