Concert C … Arpeggios (or arpeggi, which is the correct plural of the Italian term arpeggio) are like scales, but only made up of the first, third and fifth notes of a scale. One Octave Major and Minor Scales Flute Boltz Bands Concert C Major 7 Concert A Minor 13 Concert F Major 19 Concert D Minor 25 Concert Bb Major 31 Concert G Minor 37 Concert Eb Major 43 V.S. They are constructed based on the following pattern of tones (T) and semitones (S): T-T-S-T-T-T-S. Major Scales. One-octave major scales follow. Find all major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic and blues scales. Two-octave major scales can be found here: Two-octave Major Scales. Two-octave Major Arpeggios. �0�C� �V1u�o�=+z��(��q/�V�حq���ÀE:�Ӏk�ȁ�E{��"�sϱm�;9��(����J�1^��=�k'B�0aBg^�Z���͟6��#��x݀�&pڤ�v�o���&9pl��\x�T��]p���ظ�tǴr�����M�0e!D:"�(����,�+J�m�Ӷ���N�v���mv�3dv��@Q�o�a����]��Ձ%�6sẞ���w�ݼ@YO}�q�]X2ʛ����Q. There are 12 major scales (that begin on each of the 12 notes in any octave). Flute 1 Full Range Major Scales Mrs. Bartell Bb Major Arpeggio 3 3 3 3 2 Eb Major Arpeggio 3 3 3 3 3 Ab Major Arpeggio 3 33 4 Db Major Arpeggio 3 3 3 3 4a C# Major (enharmonic to Db Major) Arpeggio 3 3 3 5 Concert Gb Major Arpeggio Major scales are often thought of as the ‘happy’ sounding scales. Flute scales sheet music from
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