Pour … amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; The photo makes it look so colorful and fun! Pear flavored vodka gives this fruity drink a totally unique flavor! Reviewer Kate87 says, "Super easy and far better than a mix! Allrecipes Trusted Brands, Credit: "This is one drink that will keep you cool in the summertime and transport you to paradise....the only way to make it taste better would be if I was sipping it in Hawaii," says reviewer Patty Cakes. "It is especially delicious on a hot, summer afternoon. I'd need to make a batch of this for me and a non-alcoholic version for my son! © 2008-2020 Cupcakes & Cutlery. Posts about wine, liquor and/or cocktail recipes are expressly for people 21 years of age and older. Plus, the leftover pico de gallo is great with grilled fish, as a dip or on top of ice cream. These creamy pudding shots will be a hit at any tropic-themed party. We ran out of it quickly. https://cocktails.foodviva.com/martini-recipes/pineapple-martini-recipe This dessert drink is best served in the summertime. Vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice create a fruity and delicious drink idea in just minutes! Drink responsibly. This tropical drink is the perfect balance of tangy citrus and sweet rum. But you can also buy it in the large can for when you are making punch or larger batch cocktails. While you might think that pineapple juice is best in tropical drinks, it blends really well in all kinds of mixed drinks. Need some refreshing drink ideas? According to recipe creator Juliana Hale, this cocktail dates back to Prohibition, but this version has a few updates: pineapple juice, gin, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, and honey are combined to make a smooth summer cocktail. This list will help you find several tasty recipes to make for your next gathering or at home happy hour. ", Looking for a quick sangria with minimal ingredients? This recipe sounds totally unique and I'm dying to try it out! It's a great drink idea to show that pineapple doesn't have to always give off tropical vibes. Required fields are marked *, Based in Southern California, I am the mom to two amazing boys and married to the raddest man in all the land. Only two ingredients are needed to make this refreshing drink: fresh pineapple chunks and vodka. "Cake-flavored vodka just may be the best thing in a bottle; it tastes great mixed with just about anything," says recipe creator CookinBug. 126,711 suggested recipes. DIZ♥, Credit: Pineapple juice is sweet and fruity and, when mixed with vodka, creates a delicious base for all kinds of yummy concoctions. With pineapple juice and ginger beer, this vodka Moscow mule is extra refreshing and summer ready! Easy Cocktails and Recipes | Mom Life and Style | Orange County Blogger, May 19, 2020 By Sharon Garofalow Leave a Comment. Fresh pineapple juice is the secret to this fruity drink. Another blue drink to try because I love them! "I really wondered about this recipe when I first saw it, but I tried it for Memorial Day weekend, and it was excellent," says reviewer Joni G. "It was by far better than store-bought Margarita mixes I had been using." The pineapple juice adds another fruity layer of flavor without overpowering the mango. This tropical vodka cocktail sounds like a pool-side sipper for sure. Fresh pineapple also makes a great garnish.". How refreshing does this spiked lemonade sound?! I like a little heat in my drinks, can you tell? Whipped Vodka – Adds a creaminess to drinks with a subtle vanilla flavor; Coconut Vodka – Adds coconut flavor which increases a drinks tropical vibes immediately. PIneapple juice and grenadine help to create a gorgeous color. Reviewer Lesa says, "This drink is awesome...takes you right to the islands!" And I know if it has "cake" in the title it's going to be sweet and tasty. Pineapple naturally takes vodka to the tropics, where it's a suitable stand-in for the rum more commonly associated with Tiki drinks. How good does this sound?! Sharon's "me" time often includes watching Hallmark Channel movies, sipping sauvignon blanc, trying not to eat Salt and Pepper potato chips, and planning girlfriend getaways. I put the glass jar out in the sun for a few days and it sweetened right up!" ", Credit: Cherry and lemonade is one of my favorite combinations. Reviewer Kim says, "It's coconutty, fruity, and very very smooth to drink. I will never not love the color of a sunset cocktail and pineapple juice is essential for that pretty ombre look. Chef Mo, Credit: "I like this recipe better than the traditional orange juice-champagne combination," says reviewer Sherea. I typically use plain vodka in my cocktail recipes. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07LD65ZM3,B0178H6H2W,B07SZ54BXM,B07FQ3RWVQ,B076JJ8HQN,B07D6K2C4Y,B07BDRHNB9,B07G4JY2L5"; These vodka and pineapple juice cocktails are perfect for warm weather celebrations. No English summer day is complete with a glass of Pimm's. "This is an easy girly drink made up by a good friend after she had one at a bar," says recipe creator BOILERMISH. A green drink is never not fun. I used the calculator to adjust for 50 servings and poured these from a pitcher garnished with fruit slices," says reviewer sherri mc. Cool down with this boozy slush made with cream of coconut, lemonade concentrate, unsweetened pineapple juice, vodka, and lemon-lime soda.
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