One of the cliché go-to anecdotes is that husbands are a bit hard-headed and will try to fix things that are well beyond their scope. Not all plumbing slogans or sayings have to be funny; the goal is to illustrate how dependable and reliable that company is and this one does that in spades. We’re not a big fan of Rooter Rooter, but thought this ad was pretty funny. Still, it is one of those sayings that definitely makes you think and draws the attention of the audience to that company. Don’t deal with any #2 if you don’t have to; let the best plumbers in your area make sure that these pesky problems are dealt with in short order. The flush plays on the flushing of a toilet as well as a flush in poker where the player gets five cards of the same suit. Funny as this one is, it’s the truth. Lube an O-ring – used to help create a seal, a special lubricant is applied to rubber/neoprene O-rings and gaskets, typically found in faucet valves. Whether you are running a Plumbing company or working independently as a plumber, you need a catchy slogan to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Let’s put it this way: you’d be hard-pressed to find a plumbing company that doesn’t make some sort of plumbing pun. Self-Centering Screw Hole Locator (also known as my ex-boyfriend) – a carpentry term, this is a bit or jig used on a drill that automatically finds the dead-center of an opening that needs to be drilled. Ballcock, discharge head, nipple. If you have any questions, leave your info below and we'll call you. Like I said, puns are a big thing in this world. Not exactly the most complicated thing in the world. Use this convenient chart to help you understand all the weird and wonderful terms used in the plumbing world. If it isn’t a pun it’s a rhyme. Man, the puns just reign supreme, don’t they? Use puns and rhyming words for funny plumbing company name ideas. Post navigation ← Sewer Line Video Inspection. Women everywhere will profess that it should be left down so that they can sit down safely in the middle of the night. Start producing your own local plumbing leads today! And when that happens, you need professionals in your corner to make sure that the job gets done correctly. Without proper plumbing, you really would have no place to go and that could turn into an ugly mess in a hurry. Boom, that’s the joke. So, if you have a business idea in mind and are willing to start one, you can start a plumbing business which can provide you with lots and lots of traffic. Is it just me or these terms sound dirty? Puns, puns everywhere! There has been a battle raging between men and women for a lifetime and that is whether or not the seat should be left down. They should get the job done pretty quickly and make sure you can go back to having normal plumbing. The weekly column is designed to inspire women – weekend warriors, aspiring handywomen, and even seasoned DIYers – to take on home repairs and maintenance projects with confidence and gusto. Maybe this is why many porn movies use plumbing themes, hahaha. Making potential customers laugh is a good start when they have a plumbing difficulty. Man, the plumbing world loves itself some puns, doesn’t it? This is the puniest pun that that ever punned. And water runs through all of your plumbing fixtures, meaning that the company who made up the slogan can handle all of your plumbing needs. From our professional webmasters, to social media gurus, to specialized writers, we can handle all your internet marketing needs. But maybe leave the seat down so your wife doesn’t get mad. Call in your favorite plumber the minute you notice a leak to prevent bigger issues from arising and you will be glad that you took the preventative measures to keep your house protected. Too Young To Drink… Powerful FASD Awareness Campaign Shows Baby Immersed In Alcohol, Fix-It Friday: Some Good Herb… How To Keep Fresh Herbs Fresh, Fix-It Friday: Norma Vally’s Top 10 Most Popular Home Improvement “Fixes”, Fix-It Friday: The Case Of The Sliding Shower Door That Won’t Stay Closed, Fix-It Friday New Year’s Resolution Series: Week 3… Garage Improvements, Fix-It Friday: How to Not Get Screwed by a Stubborn Screw, Fix-It Friday: No More Dark To Fear… How To Install A Dusk To Dawn Light. Interested in Funny Plumbing Terms? It’s a nasty mess, but it is something that a qualified plumber can definitely handle. Petroleum products will degrade rubber, ultimately causing leaks as opposed to preventing them. Still, it’s a funny pun that will give you a chuckle and definitely harkens to plumbers everywhere. Nipple – referring to a short piece of pipe, usually threaded, and added to extend a pipe to attach a fitting, bringing it to a length necessary to complete the line. Need help creating a stronger online brand for your business? It helps in any industry to have a bit of a sense of humor. Your email address will not be published.
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