2.5. hairs tory.com. We continued to use the New Wash for the next three weeks, washing our hair every few days and using the Hairstory powder in between. Visit this website hairs tory.com. Hairstory Reviews 23 • Poor . The roots always stayed greasy and my hair needed to be washed WAY more often. At that point, we never managed to get more than a day’s use out of the wash without needing to either wash it again or put it up, even with the powder. After using it, my hair felt cleaner and bouncier than it did with Hairstory. Prior to using New Wash, I already was washing my hair 1-2x a week with a HiBar. It’s significantly cheaper ($26 per bottle versus $40 for Hairstory) and, despite the name, I only felt the need to wash my hair every 2-3 days with it. Hairstory New Wash review: Results. I have very thin and fine hair, so it lost all of it's flow, it just became gross. By my fifth and final Hairstory New Wash application, I couldn’t deny that my hair certainly had a newfound sheen—a welcome glisten after nearly a month of root re-growth. Even so, neither shampoo provided the smooth finish I get with more traditional, chemical-laden shampoos. Write a review.
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