Maybe your dad or mom isn’t the slightest bit sorry for what he or she did. Taxpayers will also want to separately account for those expenditures so they are easy to pull out and identify in preparing their 2020 (or fiscal year) tax returns affected by the Notice. Don’t put off getting the “retained” documents together. Loving daughter greeting long-lost father? I wondered. I began to understand. When we pulled up to the VA housing complex in Sarasota in our rented van, Duncan saw him first. He was eighty-four, so I knew this would be my children’s only chance to meet him. The rest of the kids piled out, five more, one after another, like some silly cartoon scene with an unending stream of people erupting from a tiny car. Depending on the timeline of these changes, it might be beneficial to apply for forgiveness before the changes take place, especially if the borrower is relying on FTE Reduction Safe Harbor 2, which is tied to the date of the forgiveness application. I have asked it myself, sometimes in anger, other times in sincere disbelief. But over my then twenty-eight years of marriage and sixteen years of parenting, I had learned from my husband and from my children what fathers might be for, so I wanted them to know who my  father was, for themselves. Finding one, I spread the blanket and plopped down. I wanted to remember this moment, the last time I would see my father. For more information, see PPP Loans Over $2 Million and the PPP Necessity Questionnaires. This is a surprise for most borrowers who were prepared to provide information about “necessity” at the “time of the application” but were not anticipating scrutiny about necessity over the period of use of the funds. “Hi. How can I still want? Example: If your payroll expenses for the 24-week period equal $60,000, your loan forgiveness cannot exceed $100,000. “There he is.” He tipped his head to point. Changes to a business’s legal structure, a decrease in employee count, or eliminating a division or subsidiary after a borrower takes out a PPP loan might affect the borrower’s ability to receive full or partial loan forgiveness. Loans Over $2 Million: The SBA has indicated that it will review loans in excess of $2 million, and the SBA loan forgiveness applications have a box relating to PPP loans in excess of $2 million (including affiliates). Lender Timing: Even if a borrower is ready to apply for forgiveness, its lender might not be ready to receive and review loan forgiveness applications. Borrowers should consider whether they want to be the first ones through the system or whether they want to wait for the process to get established before submitting an application. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re done feeling a shred of sadness or anger. A borrower generally may submit a loan forgiveness application any time on or before the maturity of the loan—including before the end of the covered period—if the borrower has used all of the loan proceeds. I’m slow and stubborn, and because my life is so busy, only gradually did I begin to reach this simple conviction: I must forgive my father. We also ask: There are many reasons to begin this path: To silence your memories. Come join the conversation on our blog! So it is a long process.” The two-page forgiveness application includes certifications from the borrower but does not require calculations to be submitted with the application. I felt a kind of relief that I could finally close that door. It was blindingly white, as deep as it was wide, bodies massed on sand and in water. The purpose of the forms according to the SBA “is to facilitate the collection of supplemental information that will be used by SBA loan reviewers to evaluate the good-faith certification that [a borrower] made on [its] PPP Borrower Application … that economic uncertainty made the loan request necessary. He was wearing shorts and a striped jersey, the shirt taut over his belly. And that my own path, though at times it would feel lonely, would not be singular or solitary. Taking advantage of the full 24 weeks might give a borrower more time to take steps that will help them qualify for full loan forgiveness. We expect further legislative changes. I asked him about the war, about his mother and father, about his childhood — I knew so little. We would love to talk about forgiveness with you. We decided, finally, on a trip to the beach and loaded into the van, nine of us now, and drove to Sarasota Beach, on his suggestion. Surely that’s a slip, a scribe’s slide of the pen. Why not live in joy and peace now? We had a little trouble finding this place,” I said with false brightness. M&A Transactions and Changes of Ownership: A PPP loan may have a variety of implications on pending and potential M&A transactions and changes of ownership. ~ Devotionals Daily. He smiled a little, showing his few remaining teeth, all broken. It was March 2006, our spring break. This may be very important if the borrower has cross default provisions in other loan documents or leases or important contracts, like major supplier/vendor contracts, as these other parties might take advantage of these “technical breaches.” In addition, the lender’s forgiveness applications may require the borrower to certify that the borrower has met all the terms of the loan documents, resulting in a potential false certification if the terms are not changed or updated.
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