In Word, tab stops are a property of paragraphs. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each tab stop you want to clear. Yes No. Open your document in Microsoft Word 2013. Tab stops are set at the document level, so you need to open the document that contains the tab stops that you wish to clear. (See Figure 1.) In the tab list below the Tab Stop Position box, select the tab stop you want to clear. (This is the most common tab stop.) Word includes five different tab stops: The left tab places left-aligned text to the right of the tab stop. Figure 1. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. Another possibility is to apply a paragraph style with the desired tab stops. To delete a tab stop for multiple paragraphs, you can select the paragraphs all and then drag the tab stop off the ruler. To remove all tab stops which have been inserted in a document, without changing the tab settings: Hold Ctrl and type the letter h. At Find what, enter "^t" (without the quote marks). Click on OK. How do I set a tab in a Word document on my phone? Click the tab stop on the ruler and drag down. To clear all the tab stops for a paragraph, follow these steps: Make sure the insertion point is in the paragraph whose tab stops you wish to clear. Thanks! If you don't mind that, just leave it blank. Word displays the Tabs dialog box. The steps in this article will show you how to clear all of the tab stops that have been added to the document that is currently open in Microsoft Word 2013. Click on Clear … clears all default tab stops to the right of the custom tab stop When you set a custom tab stop, Word clears all default tab stops to the left of the newly set custom tab stops on the ruler The Tabs dialog box. Select the Tabs option from the Format menu. Also, you can double-click the tab stop, select the position of the tab stop you want to delete, click clear, and click OK. Click on Clear. The right tab places right-aligned text to the left of the tab stop. Five Types of Tab Stops in Word. A amazing tool to remove all indents from Word document with only one click! The center tab centers text on the tab stop. With the Remove all Indents feature of Kutools for Word, you can easily to remove all kinds of indents from the whole Word document or a certain selection with only one click, including the first line indents generated by spaces or tab characters which can not be removed by layout in Word. At Replace with, enter a space, so that you don't get words joined which were separated by the tab stop.
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