After this free audio lesson you’ll find it easier to describe yourself in German.. How to introduce yourself in German? Now he's stuck on his grandma's couch for the summer, and he doesn't exactly have the nicest things to say about his family... Meet Jens's family At the end say "Auf wiederhören" as opposed to "Auf wiedersehen". Enjoy the lesson! It’s useful to know how to describe yourself in German when you’re meeting new people, speaking to an official person or filling out a form. Always introduce yourself by your surname, regardless of whether you initiated the call or are answering it. If I’m honest, introducing yourself can be the most challenging part of a conversation. But that's bad news for Jens. (And our friend jens tries speed-dating) That's great news for us because it means he can help us learn a little German (Deutsch). Lesson 4: Introduction to German nouns (and nieces) ... Talking about yourself in German How to introduce yourself and talk about your hobbies. : It is really important to know how to introduce yourself in German! After this chapter you won't have any problems anymore talking about yourself in German! Find more German words at! I guess he's staying in Germany for a while. That’s why you usually practice the easiest way to introduce yourself in … How to pronounce German words: How to say those Ä, Ö, Ü symbols and that weird ß thing. German words for introduce yourself include führst vor, sich präsentieren and stell dir vor. Whether you’re meeting new people or filling out a form, there are some basics you should learn in order to be able to describe yourself! That's about all the telephone-related vocab that I can think of. We all like to talk about ourselves! Even native speakers feel a little shy when approaching someone new. Introducing Yourself to New People. Talking in German might seem harder than it really is. If you’re booking into at a hotel, or going for an interview, you will be asked some basic personal questions in German. Introducing yourself in GCSE German. Being able to say your name and information about yourself is vital if you want to get to know German-speaking people. How to Talk About Yourself in German.
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