Sep 28, 2019 12:51 AM. The development team would like to feed in real-time weather data from MetService for increased health and safety for those planning trips into the outdoors. This is now also available on the website please select here to go to this information. The purpose of the tool is to help people plan their trips effectively and to increase safety. A range of data is key to enabling this tool meet the needs of people who are hunting, fishing and tramping, as well as being a potential conduit for crowdsourcing updated data and helping reduce avoidable injuries. We have a range of maps which are intended to point you in the right direction by identifying the major hunting areas on public land, how to find them and get to know where the action is. New Zealand Hunting brought to you by Kaweka Hunting boasts world class Red Stag Hunts on the edge of Hawke’s Bay‘s wine country. By exploring and asking other hunters, whitebaiters, eelers, landowners, sports shop employees and others who get out into the country you’ll latch onto other possies and build up a comprehensive knowledge of your chosen area. In order to keep us making the content you enjoy on Hunting Spots, we need funds coming to the fund trips, freelancers and contractors. In other words, we are firmly at the forefront of combination deer hunting … The initial build focuses on game hunters who can figure out where to go on their next hunt based on the game they're after, the terrain that suits them best, the availability of huts and tracks, and so on. DoC’s application programme interfaces (APIs) are very good, but unfortunately the data is not very current. It would be very helpful if the data from MPI was available by API, as this would reduce the amount of manual work to update it within the Hunting Spot tool. Consistent and timely river flow data nationwide would also contribute to health and safety and would be useful for calculating the probability of success in fishing. The development team would like to eventually be able to feed back data to organisations such as Doc and MPI through users of their tool, effectively crowdsourcing animal distribution data to augment data held by the agencies. Perfect for all skill levels. Well here we go, our first Subscribe star post! (Hunting Spots is now more familiar with the Data Service web interface and LINZ is aware of the usability issues with their site and the challenge for users to find the right data amongst their many open datasets: they have a roadmap of work to address these issues over time.). It shows how open data can be used to improve health and safety; could be used in creative ways to predict the probability of success (in hunting and fishing); can help save money spent on pointless trips (and carbon emissions); and can build a community of interest. So the best option for visitors who want to try a spot of hunting is to go with a qualified New Zealand license holder such as a specialised hunting tour. A General Authority (Which is free to all licence holders) is required to hunt on Fish & Game Land – some 1700ha being owned by the Auckland/Waikato Region purchased from hunters’ and angler’s funds. Select a region to discover the role of local Fish & Game Council, find freshwater fishing and game bird hunting information specific to that region. You need a permit to hunt wild animals on public conservation land in Canterbury.Your permit will cover all open hunting blocks in the Canterbury Open Hunting … Hunters today are under pressure from people who do not understand the traditions of waterfowl hunting, and thus hunters have an obligation to construct and maintain their maimais in a manner that reflects well on the waterfowl hunter’s image. Blue Mountains Forest Conservation Area hunting You can hunt fallow deer and feral pigs in the Blue Mountains Recreational Hunting Area. Get on the DoC website and look at the hunting areas that are listed. The Authority can be obtained by sending a stamped, self- addressed envelope to Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game, Brymer Rd, RD 9, Hamilton. The excellent genetic quality and variety in our red stag and exotic herds certainly places Kaweka Hunting on top. As with other Auckland/Waikato information it is available free of charge on receipt of a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Hunting Spots NZ. Fishing and hunting licences and regulations. After a few trips you will find a spot with deer. Other outdoors activities (fishing, diving, tramping, surfcasting), all with New Zealand's deer hunting outfitter, Okau Wilderness Park, Wairarapa, New Zealand. To hunt on Crown land managed by the Department of Conservation you require a require a similar permit (also free). Data from Osprey on past and future scheduled 1080 drops would also contribute to health and safety and help prevent wasted trips to affected areas. The area has been divided into 23 hunting blocks which are balloted monthly from February through to the end of November. These can be uplifted from Sportways Guns Shed, 49 Normandy Rd, Mt Eden, Waikato Hunting & Fishing NZ, 4/431 Te Rapa Rd, Hamilton, or by contacting the Department of Conservation Hamilton, Private Bag 3072 Hamilton. And as users who were unfamiliar with the LINZ Data Service web interface, the team didn't realize there was an API (an interface to query at machine level) and found it difficult to find the specific data they needed. However, the current cost to access the weather data is prohibitive. Since waterfowl hunting began in New Zealand, the Waikato/Hauraki area has been known as the country's ‘Duck Factory.’ Those living in the Auckland/Waikato region have ready access to the best waterfowl hunting … Purchase your fishing licenses online from NZ Fish and Game or at one of the many sporting and hunting stores in the West Coast. Hunting Spots has a growing range of features. All hunting is on land privately owned by … The purpose of the tool is to help people plan their trips effectively and to increase safety.
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