The leaves have: 5-7 lobes, fanning out wider as you get to the tip of the leaf. Curly White Oak Sawyers show off examples of figured white oak. It is distinguished by scaled, wart-like marks on the acorns and lightly colored bark. Any help would be much appriciated. December 1, 2005 Identifying Pecan Pecan is hard to tell apart from Hickory. If deciphering rough sawn oak species is the problem, I suggest you contact a lumber grader at a local sawmill and offer to buy him/her lunch on a Saturday in return for giving you a quick lesson in how he/she differentiates rough sawn white oak from red oak. Need help Identifying these Oak logs. Oaks are grouped as white oaks or red oaks. Potassium nitrate solution works. On the other hand, white oak bark has deep furrows and ridges that are triangular in cross-section. 1998. Oak can be found with a rift-sawed, quarter sawed or plain sawed grain pattern each holding a different value. I infer from your post that if the lumber was surfaced, you could differentiate between white and red oak. February 25, 2005 Rotted siding Gene Wengert helps a homeowner with a question about decaying siding. White oak will turn black, red oak will not react. Grain Identification of White Oak vs Red Oak . But they are quite different. - Gangnamstyle. Uses –Both red and white oak Red oak vs white oak bark. July 6, 2012 Hickory or Pecan Ideas for telling two highly similar plywood faces apart. Identifying white oak logs with sodium nitrite Regis B. Miller J. Thomas Quirk Donna J. Christensen Abstract Because red oak logs can spread oak wilt, the European Economic Community (EEC) requires that all oak logs imported from the eastern United States where oak wilt is found must be fumigated. 1-inch soft maple lumber from green to 6 percent moisture content requires 7- 13 days and 11 - 15 days for hard maple. There is not only a category for all white oaks, there is actually a White Oak (Quercus alba) as well. Identify the common White Oak by its scaly, warty acorns. The smell of Red Oak is pungent where the White oak can smell very sweet. When examined closer, the pores of red oak and white oak are very different. Red oak is an open-grained wood with very large pores. Oak (Quercus) Range –Oak species are found throughout the U.S. Commercial stands generally grow east of the Great Plains. Red and white oak lumber -- to the undiscriminating eye -- look similar. Thanks Sam! When using reclaimed oak you will find a variety of grain patterns as well as a mixture of White Oak and Red Oak. Whether they are white/red Oak.
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