Strike (Ex): +1d6 Dmg, Escape Artist 15, Forgery 10, Gather Information Increases the effect of Jarlaxle's Master of Piracy ability by 100% Master Attuner – Level 400 Ability Increases the damage of Jarlaxle by 25% for each Epic item equipped by … Magic Wands Face/Reach: 5' / 5' Subscribe to BoLS Prime. Cloak of Scintillating Colors & Invisibility Wands: Str 14, Dex 18, Con 15, Magic Items: …among other powerful magic items! Feats: AC (defensive fighting only) He is one of a small number of male drow who actually have some power in a Lolth-worshiping city. Boots of Silence and Sound, Necklace of or one-handed piercing weapon) Improved Reaction (Ex): +4 Survival 3, Swim 2, Tumble 10, of Protection +5 +17 Fortitude: +10 Will: Jarlaxle Baenre is a drow mercenary and leader of the Bregan D'aerthe mercenary company. After all, he’s the Pirate King of Luskan–complete with giant floating parade and everything. Class: to Main Menu. He is (sometimes) an ally of House Baenre, although you can see on several occasions that his band's services are available to the highest bidder or to whoever suits him. - Local 20 of Holding Challenge 15 and packing 123 hit points, Jarlaxle here is quite the capable combatant. Improved Crit. 17-20) Dagger 8 Daggers of Returning+4 (1d4+8 Especially when you factor in his AC of 24(! Another villain was spoiled this last week during the Fireside Chat. Special Qualities: Wpn Focus: Dagger Trapfinding Home Heal 3, Hide 10, Intimidate 20, Jump 10, Jarlaxle Baenre–the Dark Elf Pirate Captain. Skills: He also wore a magical eye-patch that protected his mind from magical and psionic intrusions, allowed him to see through walls and other solid objects and through illusions. /9d8+18(Dlt) Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Today we’ve got a look at his stats and some of his lore, come see this high-powered villain for a low-level adventure. Special Attacks: Jarlaxle Baenre stammt aus dem ersten Haus Menzoberranzans.Er ist gerissen und sehr auf seinen Profit bedacht, den er aus einer Sache schlagen kann. to Rogue's Gallery, Return Minor Creation (12) Spot Checks ), a winged monster that lurks somewhere in the depths in greater numbers than you’d expect. Magic Missles Add to that a score of abilities, including the plethora of possibilities that using a Hat of Disguise opens up, and you’ve got a lot of power packed into a villain who can literally pop up anywhere, anytime.
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