If you're looking for a good all purpose stone, I'd recommend this or something similar. You don't want a tight fit on these...you want a little play so you can position the side supports so they don't protrude above the stone. I don't pretend to know the best angle for any given knife. Here are the supplies and tools you'll need: 1. Posted on February 1, 2020 February 4, 2020 by Don Wilwol. Here's how I made a jig to hold my sharpening stones. Never go back and forth between oil and water on your stones. A good knife. I also use a Spyderco Ceramic Whet Stone Fine Grit. You want to make sure your THINNEST stone sits on here completely without having any of the wood from the base exposed. Nice, easy, and effective build! "hold the knife at a 90 degree angle"-- relative to the bench/table top? FREE Shipping by Amazon. More on this later... You need to make 2 side supports from 1/4 inch scrap plywood or similar. It's counter intuitive but it's true. I had read, too, that it's not necessary to use oil or water during the sharpening process. The stone its self will sharpen better and last longer that way. Some stones come with guides but they mostly fit kitchen knives and make the whole process awkward. Yes, this my Every Day Carry knife. $41.00 $ 41. The jig clamped to the bench. Sometimes I'll even use scouring powder (especially on my ceramic stone). How To Build A Knife Sharpening Jig Of Your Own. My first step was to gather some scraps of wood. My name is Brad Richardson. This seems to be doing the trick. The burnishing works nicely and spares excessive wear on the blade. The Griptillian and its little Brother are excellent knives! If you are sharpening free hand, many of you already know it's very difficult to get the right angle while sharpening your stone. Sharpening stones. The point is you want the stone to sit flush on the wood surface of the stone support. If my knife is really dull, then I might have to stop and clean the stone in the middle of sharpening. 11/20/13 8:30AM • Filed to: DIY. Homemade Sharpening Jig for knives, scissors and chisels. Share it with us! You can't maintain the angle perfectly, but certainly, "more effectively than doing it with a stone simply placed flat on the bench, or even holding the jig in your hand." Thanks for sharing,gonna make 2 as I have different sized stones. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 5. Very good project! If anyone is looking for a good pocket knife under $100, or a good gift for your dad (or whoever) the griptillian mini is a good choice. After seeing one blade of mine get smaller, and a blade of dad's so worn that it was half the original size] I decided vigorous regular honing was bad until the edge had been damaged. Some scrap wood. Step 2: Cut the Base and Main Support. I picked 22 degrees and went with it. In any case, thanks for commenting & Happy New Year! I've wanted to make a knife sharpening jig for some time so that I can sharpen my knives more comfortably and accurately, and I've finally finished it. Alan Henry. Reply Now a side bar on the "correct" angle for sharpening a knife. A jigsaw, scroll saw or similar hand held saw to cut the side supports. I hold the knife at a 90 degree angle and push downward (I don't pull upward or "backwards"). 3. DIY Knife Sharpening Jig. on Step 5. Some follow up...90 degrees relative to the bench/table top? 4 years ago. By Mazay Last updated May 17, 2020 1. I had some old shelf brackets around. You want to do this in order to have the base support your stone. And I catch myself saying another favorite of my dad's, "Who said life had to be fair?!". $49.33 $ 49. on Introduction. 22-17 means you end up with a dull blade. Before you use this jig, please get some instructions on how to actually sharpen a knife blade. I've made two wheels that can be attached to my homemade lathe, one to straighten the knife edges, made out of hard plywood, and an MDF honing wheel. Today I will show you how to make an universal jig for sharpening knives, chisels and scissors. As we learn from this blog, sharpening a knife is easier in theory than it is... 2. For years I have sharpened my knives on a bench stone (with the stone resting on a table or "work bench"), and most of the time, I'd hold the stone in my hand. in response to whatever they don't agree with. I do have a question. Kitchen Tools.. For me, I clean my stone every time, before I use it, under running water. No need to apologize! 4.6 out of 5 stars 375. You can find a LOT of instruction on how to safely sharpen a blade elsewhere. I've had this one for over 8 years. Knife Sharpening Jig Step 1: Supplies and Tools. My dad always told me "The only thing a dull knife is good at cutting is you!". Sharpening a knife using a stone can be challenging if you're just starting out and you can actually end up with a dull knife. If you have a dull knife, odds are, you're going to use it incorrectly or inefficiently and you therefore greatly increase the likelihood you'll injure yourself or someone.
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