This is about what would you do if…? Sessions are structured but varied, focussing on different techniques and situations from week to week. Just click on Book a Course in the menu at the top of this page to find a course and a venue to suit you. There are no weight categories. What if you need to defend someone else? Established in 1996, London Krav Maga was the first Krav Maga school in the UK. The sessions are fun and friendly, but we work hard. By training in real life scenarios for real life situations you will gain practical skills to both defend yourself and to generally be more aware of your surroundings. In The Last Decade In The United Kingdom And Abroad Through Self Defence Training. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. It covers many different geographical locations with a team of instructors. The instructors are quite simply excellent led by the incomparable Joe Ambrosino (a man to whom I quite literally owe my life but that is another story for another day). Check out the full article…. There are no rules… except stay alive and get away. Instinctive to learn and simple to apply, Krav Maga is the PREFERRED system of training of over 500 military and Law Enforcement Units across the globe. All the instructors are knowledgable about Krav Maga and clearly passionate about it. Learn reality based self defence with Krav Maga London in a friendly environment with our dedicated team of experienced instructors. That is why it is so popular". There are no egos and everyone is there to help everyone else. Krav Maga East London. Classes in Urban Krav Maga in COVENT GARDEN and BLACKHEATH from Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame member, Stewart McGill. I really enjoy my time training with the Institute, the instructors are excellent and my fellow students help to make, if fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the classes since joining since the instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable. Well done and its a life changing experience to work with you guys and looking forward to an awesome relationship. I trained with the Institute for a couple of years, while living in London. Excellent place to train in Krav Maga with very knowledgeable instructors. Classes in Urban Krav Maga in COVENT GARDEN and BLACKHEATH from Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame member, Stewart McGill. If you're looking for Krav Maga training in London then the Institute of Krav Maga UK is the place to be. Other Locations on Request. They are there to train with like-minded people and learn practical ways to defend themselves in real-life situations. Especially this goes out to any Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade. You also need to learn how to end a fight, which might be running away or it might be causing your attacker so much pain that he forgets about attacking you; either is good. Instinctive to learn and simple to apply, Krav Maga is the PREFERRED system of training of over 500 military and Law Enforcement Units across the globe. Everyone there. Private and Group Classes. years now so perhaps I should add a review. Fitness and Self-Defence Training meeting your needs without long-term contracts or hidden charges. Other more senior students are also always keen to help you learn and develop. He is kind and gentle but crazy tough too. Krav Maga is not about fighting; it’s about defending yourself. Krav Maga East London is the worlds’ longest standing system of military Hand to Hand Combat training. Joe Ambrosino is an exceptional and very experienced Krav Maga instructor with a pleasant teaching style showing amazing skills, knowledge, dedication and humor. I can honestly say it’s never boring even when revising simple knife or punch defences I learned years ago because each time I do it I get better at it and I get it wrong less often. I first started Krav Maga in 2004 in London. All levels are made to feel very welcome and the attitude to self defence is first rate. How does an 8 stone girl deal with an attack from a 15 stone man?.. Since 2006, Institute Krav, I have been with the Institute of Krav Maga for around 7 years now. You learn how to fall, how to roll, defences against baseball bats, kicks, chokes, headlocks and bear hugs, threats vs attacks, what to do if on the ground or in a chair or up against a wall, loads more and yes, eventually, guns. Visit Our Events Page for Upcoming Grading/Events For 2020, Institute Krav Maga UK is an amazing club with greatly experienced and friendly instructor team. You owe it to yourselves to train here. And real life is the key. Can't wait for next year ! instructors Joe Ambrosino and Heat Leavitt this event was best experience in my life so far ! I tried out many clubs. They offer a variety of challenging and awesome seminars and training camps and I always love to come back for a visit given the chance ;) This club is fantastic! If you want to learn practical skills for real-life situations that, if you’re just unlucky enough, you might one day find yourself in, then training with the Institute is both the best way to learn and a lot of fun. I guarantee you will learn something. He is supported by a great team including his wife Marissa who tirelessly works behind the scenes to keep everything running. The institute provides. I have to say that one of the most enjoyable aspects of Krav Maga with the Institute, apart from the quality of the instruction I’m getting each week, is the people. Looking forward to the future challenges that are bound to come :), You probably already know why you should be training Krav Maga. Since then thousands of students have learnt Krav Maga with us, and we now offer 20 different Krav Maga courses at four different venues in London, as well as private lessons.
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