But I'm wondering what the prospects are when considering having kids. A typical day in the operating room actually starts the day before a surgery, when Dr. Sopher reviews the next day's cases with a resident. One more check of my room shows me that I have indeed gotten everything ready for my first patient, who is having a total knee replacement. It can be VERY straining, stressful and time-consuming. If you have had surgery, perhaps you have wondered, "What does an anesthesiologist do besides send me off to sleep? My kids will already be in bed before I get home. If you haven't had surgery, you probably haven't given much thought to an anesthesiologist's job. Finally ready, and the nurse's prep the abdomen. I write from the perspective of both a doctor and a patient. Better than that, instead of greeting me with, "I am here to give you the last rites", he said, "I am here to make your pain go away and keep you alive through this." "Each one can be extremely rare but of critical importance. I am familiar with the "When you need it most.." phenomenon. I instruct Mr. B to tell me if he feels any pain or electric shock sensations as I'm doing the block. 1100 Words 5 Pages. "Each one can be extremely rare but of critical importance. Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who specialize in the care of patients before, during and after surgery. LMAO. Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on February 09, 2011: hahaha! Thank you for being one, Doc! Show More. "We also protect them from trauma by lubricating and taping their eyes and positioning their arms and legs appropriately," he says. This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Trish, I'm sure this is too late, but I had 2 joint replacements (shoulder and knee) and each time a regional nerve block and general anesthesia was used. "I liked the idea of seeing patients on an acute basis for a short period," he says. But it is our job so I never expect anything. Here is a list of tasks that Anesthesiologist Assistants do on a weekly or monthly basis. I can count on one hand the number of times a doctor has recognized the blood bank's efforts to help save their patients. The needle for the block is small and Mr. B doesn't even flinch when I insert just below the crease where his leg joins his hip. I get it on the 3rd try, luckily without taking up too much precious time. We take him away before the ER even finishes their work up as it's clear that only surgery can save him now. You have a hard, hard job, Doc! "When I first started we worked nearly exclusively in the OR. P. Thorpe Christiansen from Pacific Northwest, USA on February 13, 2011: Very interesting and informative. Can't change the laws of physics! By the time we finish the surgery and transport him to the ICU, we realize it's 8 pm. What does an anesthesiologist do? I owe my life to them (more than one time over)! It takes several doses and what seems like forever but his pressure creeps back up to 90/41. I do like it overall. A few little bumps but nothing that I couldn't handle with ease, really. Or is it straining and time consuming? Administer blood, blood products, or supportive fluids. "Then I'll often call patients the night before to reinforce instructions and answer questions," he says. 0700 — Seven AM, it's getting late. After that, he narrowed his options, to emergency medicine, intensive care medicine and anesthesiology. And wow, his labs are completely messed up — low sodium, high potassium, and everything else is just a mess. To those who don't know, the anesthesiologist is the unsung hero. He is pleasant and relaxed as we discuss his anesthesia options. Sheesh. His abdomen is full of air, blood, and stool. TahoeDoc (author) from Lake Tahoe, California on February 09, 2011: Well, duh Austin. I tend to not feel so burnt out and aggravated by the daily stresses when I know I have some time off coming up. He does indeed opt for a spinal with sedation and a femoral nerve block. Have you ever had surgery before? ", Operating days run until about 5:30 pm. Not good. It depends where and how much you work. You are right about that, it's always something, isn't it? I change out of my dirty scrubs, splash some water on my face and drive home, exhausted and not looking forward to the next day very much. Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on December 18, 2011: My Mum is soon to have a total knee replacement, and it is the anaesthetic that is worrying her the most. Crap happens. After passing on all of the important information to the ICU team, I can finally leave. I am about to read your piece on the spinal, and I may print it out for my Mum. I groan and quickly grab the phenylephrine. I uncover his entire right leg, and the nurse and I perform a 'time-out' procedure. The next two hours are spent tweaking the sedation so Mr. B isn't bothered by the sound of the saw cutting through his bone or the hammering of the new joint into place. Especially if I want to have kids either right at the end of med school or during residency. Yep, it's possible, but can I get him back? I think nurse anesthetist is a great job too unless you are already in medical school. Good luck to you. The whole case is a frenzy of activity. Many of us say we hate the stress, but secretly love it. No blood and no sign of nerve irritation. Yes to all your questions. Both times we chatted to the anaesthetist ~ and my mind has, generally, been put at rest. ", compares the work of an anesthesiologist to that of an airplane pilot: “, Even though our work typically goes smoothly, we must prepare for a huge variety of adverse events," he says. TahoeDoc (author) from Lake Tahoe, California on April 17, 2012: Thank you Jillian! A quick look with the laryngoscope and I slide the breathing tube between the vocal cords. I am hanging units of blood, giving boluses of medicine to get and keep his blood pressure up. As always, “your mileage may vary.” A Day in Obstetrics A Day at the Outpatient Center Regional Anesthesia at … "We often deal with very sick patients who are literally on the edge of life and death, and that is both rewarding and difficult," he says. Much like the arterial line, this is not easy given that our patient is severely dehydrated. That's what all that training does for you. This special IV goes in an artery instead of a vein. So from what I've seen, anesthesiologists work pretty long hours, unless they work in a really big group and don't have to take call as often. The Life Of An Anesthesiologist. I'll take it - it's not great, but it's compatible with life, unlike the former measurement. PubMed. ", clinical professor of cardiothoracic anesthesiology and vice chair of anesthesia clinical services at the, his career by first choosing between acute and chronic care. Thanks for taking the time to write here, Doctor. I believe its a very challenging and stressful job.My best wishes for the future. I am a board-certified anesthesiologist in Lake Tahoe, California. "On the other hand, I think many anesthesiologists would be bored in a job that was not so high-intensity. on March 04, 2011: This is interesting...just had a surgical procedure this week (ERCP)...the anesthesiologist was very nice. They are vital members of every surgical team and will meet with the patient for an evaluation prior to the operation in order to create a … Recently had a very touch and go emergency surgery and just prior to surgery an older man with an Irish brogue came walking into pre-op. Five minutes to prepare the operating room and find out what I can about this man. Gail A. I want to be one so bad! "I liked the idea of seeing patients on an acute basis for a short period," he says. Once the patient is unconscious, Dr. Sopher says, the anesthesiologist manages blood pressure, heart rate and response to surgery. The surgeon gets all the glory! "It felt more on the edge, which suited my personality. It was the anaesthetic that was my major concern, when my son had to have surgery during childhood. Otherwise, we don't know his medical history or what medications he takes. Administer blood, blood products, or supportive fluids. In the OR, I hook up a medicine that will help keep his blood pressure up a bit. Hi Tahoe Doc, I am an intensivist from India. You want how many units of blood? :). Colon cancer has weakened his colon and caused it to rupture. His blood pressure dips from time to time and I give a touch of ephedrine to bump it back up. In my practice the post-call people get the lightest schedule. The other patients on this day were all pretty straightforward. What does an anesthesiologist do? Assist in the provision of advanced life support techniques including those procedures using high frequency ventilation or … Michael Sopher, MD compares the work of an anesthesiologist to that of an airplane pilot: “Even though our work typically goes smoothly, we must prepare for a huge variety of adverse events," he says. He arrives at the hospital by 7 am on surgery days to assess patients and obtain consent for anesthesia. Like about 10 or 15 trips! It works, but marginally. In this day in the life guide, you will find out: What does a day as Anesthesiologists looks like; ... Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist and Critical Care, Anesthesiologist Attending, Anesthesiologist General and Cardiothoracic or Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist.
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