Silver Perch 5cm $1 ea 10cm $2 ea Yellow Belly Perch 5cm $1 ea Japanese Koi 5cm from $2 ea Large size and colour range from 10cm to 60cm at competitive prices. Gold Fish 5cm from $2 ea Large size and colour range from 10cm to 30cm. Yesterday I received a shipment of 200, 3-4cm Silver Perch and they are now available for sale to anyone that would like to come and collect them from me. Remember its not fingerling season so its pretty rare to find any at the moment. My supplier has given me a bulk discount and breeds them with heaters over winter. For Macquarie perch, captive-bred fingerlings were released into a redfin-free tributary stream with a waterfall to prevent redfin colonisation. Attempts to ensure the long-term security of this new population are ongoing. These fingerlings have been released into the Retreat River refuge site and a number of these fish have since been re-captured or observed. The site is an important haven for the endangered Macquarie perch because it is located above a set of waterfalls that predator fish, the introduced redfin perch, can not swim up. Posted on September 23, 2012 by Rodney. Bass 5cm $2 ea Feeder Fish 5cm $0.50... Read more » That is … Quite a number of Macquarie perch were caught from Upper Coliban reservoir after it was stocked - it was one of the more successful stockings. Figure 3: Macquarie Perch fingerling release into the Retreat River as part of the DPI conservation stocking program (Photo: L. Pearce) Legal implications . Silver Perch Fingerlings. Similarly, stockings produced good populations in the Broken downstream of Lake Nillahcootie including some of the tributaries such as Lima Creek but the drought all but wiped them out. Unfortunately the Millenium drought wiped them out. Spangled Perch; Australian Bass; Murray Cod; Saratoga - Leichardti; Sleepy Cod; Barramundi; Pacific Blue Eyes; Firetail Gudegon; Purple-Spotted Gudgeon; Crimson-Spotted Rainbow Fish; Freshwater Shrimp ; Redclaw Crayfish; Agassizs Glassfish; Fish Food . For Southern pygmy perch, Redfin perch exclusion barriers have been installed/maintained to prevent further upstream colonisation.
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