Sparrowhawk (f) Sparrowhawk (m) Shikra. Soars with raised wings, but glides on straight wings. However, those with the Marsh Harrier do … Those with this patronus are reflective and often have profound ideas. Patronus Analysis 045 Marsh Harrier . Harris Hawk. Marsh Harrier (m) Marsh Harrier (f) Swamp Harrier. Goshawk. Light morph typically with primary coverts forming black 'comma'. Marsh Harrier. Red-tailed Hawk/Buzzard. It is distinguishable from other harriers by its larger size, heavier build, broader wings and absence of white on the rump. African Harrier Hawk. Red Kite. Montagu's Harrier. Honey Buzzard. Distant Osprey shots. Messages 12,031 Name Janice Edit My Images Yes May 21, 2007 #1 Can anyone decide if this this is a buzzard or a marsh harrier please? Sound: Buzzard or Marsh harrier? Those with the Marsh Harrier patronus are very thoughtful. Populations now reaching far into Western counties. Females are larger than males and have obvious creamy heads. Black-winged Kite. The largest of the harriers, the marsh harrier can be recognised by its long tail and light flight with wings held in a shallow 'V'. Black-eared Kite. Our biggest harrier species, the Marsh Harrier has bounced back from near extinction to now having around 380 pairs in the UK. Black Hawk. Read more in the Buzzard Species Focus from the 2011 Spring edition of our Wings magazine. It would appear to be another (or same) Honey Buzzard aborting an attempt to cross the channel. Most intriguingly, whilst driving to Birling at 13.47, a raptor was seen at altitude making landfall from the south, I hurriedly pulled over and got some shots. African Goshawk. Secretary Bird. Those with the Marsh Harrier patronus are quick thinking and smart. Ferruginous Hawk/Buz. Look out for this rare bird over reedbeds in East Anglia, Somerset and the South East. The courtship of the marsh harrier is certainly a sight to behold - wheeling and tumbling through the sky, male and female partners lock talons in mid-air. (crap shot warning!) Swainson's Hawk/Buz. Images below. Marsh harriers have made a striking comeback in the UK. Taken this morning over the Forest of Dean, near Wales, gave the usual cat-like mew as it flew. Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) Buzzard (Buteo buteo) ... Tail lacks the broad terminal band of Rough-legged Buzzard. Secondary coverts form a pale band in dark morph. Black Kite. Thread starter Janice; Start date May 21, 2007; Janice. Gymnogene. Recent range expansion has seen this species becoming widespread and very common throughout Ireland. Neck thicker than in Honey Buzzard. Very distant Honey Buzzard.
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