Hardback ISBN13: 978-0078021695. by Robert Frank. Samenvatting Elementair Belastingrecht: voor Economen en Bedrijfsjuristen Additional Exercises Tutorials Micro Proef/oefen tentamen 20 november 2013, vragen en antwoorden College-aantekeningen, Hoorcollege 1 Tentamen 2014, vragen Antwoordenboek "Microeconomics and Behavior… Buy Microeconomics and Behavior International student edition by Frank, Robert H. (ISBN: 9780071194617) from Amazon's Book Store. Microeconomics 3rd Edition Dean Karlan Improve YOUR world. by Robert H. Frank. From $47.50. Microeconomics 3e is built around the central concept that economics is a powerful and positive tool that students can use to improve their … Chapter 1: Adventures in Microeconomics Chapter 2: Supply and Demand Chapter 3: Using Supply and Demand to Analyze Markets Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior Chapter 5: Individual and Market Demand Chapter 6: Producer Behavior … Microeconomics and Behavior. Hardback ISBN13: 978-0073375946. 9th Edition. Updated and revised, this is a new edition of one of the best-selling advanced microeconomics texts to be published in Europe. From $24.57. 3rd Edition. Microeconomics and Behavior. This well informed book provides a comprehensive exposition of modern … 8th Edition… Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.
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