Bunâ dzuâ, Budget Magic lovers, it's that time once again!This week, we're heading to Modern to play everyone's favorite tribe: Zombies! Have you tested them The release of Core Set 2019 brought with it some sweet new tribe members along with a Death Baron reprint, dropping the lord's price enough that it can actually work under the budget. Ideal hands have 1 Reliquary Tower and Treasure Hunt. Carrion feeder + gravecrawler + diregraf colossus = cast the crawler, get a zombie from colossus, sac crawler to make carrion bigger. I figured this is about the most budget build that might be a Modern-viable rogue deck. It's absolutely hilarious, anyway. A card out of the zombie theme like Mogis's Marauder could give the board evasion. (Zombies is also known as Zombies, ... Go back to the complete MTG Modern decks. Dino does look like a viable candidate. Cast Treasure Hunt until you get to a Zombie Infestation. Popular Modern Magic: the Gathering decks with prices from the latest tournament results. Discard 12-20 lands. Ace1 I like your list a lot too The only concern aabout it is that you are not playing Lotleth Troll which always have been one of the best zombies at least for me and in this deck can help you a lot being another win condition while filling the role of giving you an instant way of discarding any other of your zombies for value. He's unlikely to do much damage as he's outclassed by just about every creature in Modern, but U might still be worth considering; I really like Soul Diviner. Alternatives to Zombies that you may like TitanShift Ad nauseam The Rock Calle Padre Alcover 5 Granada, 18004 Spain Competitive Formats. Top Modern Zombies Decks. HOW TO PLAY THIS JANK. So you get a 2/2 zombie and a +1/+1 counter on feeder for B. If you have 3 mana up, you just made 6 power worth of zombies … We have collected the top Zombies Modern decks from the latest tournaments. I faced and played a few zombie decks so far, and evasion was an issue. There's a fair few ways to get Zombies back from the dead and … You can mulligan down pretty far to at least get a Treasure Hunt. Dredgevine has the same problem.
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