The Spinning Count System is a more technical classification of wool fineness than the American Blood Grade System and identifies wool within a narrower range of fiber diameter (Table 1). Grades of wool described by the American Blood Grade System (C.P.I = Crimps per inch; MU = micron units). $50.00. Rambouillets are large sized, rugged and long-lived with a strong flocking instinct. This 100% wool Romney/Rambouillet DK weight yarn is just waiting to be a cozy sweater. Featured Products. Helle Rambouillet, (ram-boo-ley) is a third generation sheep ranch located in beautiful Southwest Montana. Rambouillet ewes possess many desirable traits which have resulted in their inclusion in crossbreeding programs to improve lamb production. Bare Ranch Wool Twill Fabric - by the … Figure 1. 11 Sheep & Goat Research Journal, Volume 23, 2008 ©2008, Sheep & Goat Research Journal Summary The yellowing propensity of Rambouillet wool was evalu-ated. $20.00. Yarns and Roving for Fiber Artists Everywhere! The breed is the product of a cross between the Rambouillet and Lincoln sheep breeds. Bare Ranch Wool Plain Weave Fabric per 1/2 yard. The Rambouillet sheep breeds history begins in Spain with their prized Merino breed of sheep. Our flock was derived from a naturally selected line of range lambing Rambouillet ewes. Soft, lustrous, and sustainable, this yarn is perfect for your next project. Plant Fund Contributions. Shop. The Rambouillet is a dual purpose sheep, producing a desirable carcass and good fine wool. Fiber diameter: 23 to 29 microns Wool Type: Heavy, medium-wool fleece Length: Good staple length of 3.5 to 5 inches. One hundred greasy side samples of Rambouillet ewes were collected in the spring of 2007, and 142 greasy side sam-ples were collected from Rambouillet rams during the October 2006 Ram test. The Columbia sheep are a breed that was developed in America in 1912 for a sheep breed that had better lamb and a lot more wool. All of our sheep are performance tested to identify the genetics best suited for range conditions. Free Shipping! These limited edition Spoiled Sheep yarns are sourced locally from individual sheep at Rose Butte Ranch near Spokane, Washington. SHEEP WOOL PRODUCTION INFORMATION; ... Microns: 19 to 25: 19 to 25: Approx. Lani's Lana - Fine Rambouillet Wool .
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