Reproduction or storage of information or works retrieved from this Site, in all forms, media and technologies now existing or hereafter developed, is subject to the U.S. Michigan Rough Collie Breeder of Quality Rough Collies and Rough Collie Puppies in ALL colors. b. non wf.....NON WHITE FACTORED. WM.....WHITE MERLE. PSM.....PURE SABLE MERLE. Usually, a light or even “washed out” sable at birth with brown merling. No tricolor gene is present in their makeup. Usually, a darker sable color than the PSM with dark brown merling, which quite frequently is still visible at maturity. . I came that they may have Life, and have it Abundantly. Deviations from the normal due to mutations, or linked recessive genes in certain individuals, can also result in the lethal grays, the sable faced tricolor, the chinchillas, etc. b. SM.....SABLE MERLE. S.....SABLE, dominant over tricolor. Stirling Collies is a MN Licensed Breeder of Shollies (Collie/Shepherd Mix). Both varieties shed and come in six standard color combinations, including the following: blue merle. DEFECTIVE WHITES, resulting from the combination of two merled parents. Therefore, if a collie inherits a dominant brown gene from each parent, he/she is a “pure for sable” (homozygous for brown). Thus, color is diminished almost to the vanishing point by the gene in duplex. In this blog, researchers from Clemson University examined how these coat pattern varieties differ on the genetic level. Bluish gray, with black splotching, carrying sable markings in the same pattern as the tricolor. Sarah Murphy & Leigh, LIVINGWATER COLLIES - Livingwater Whites - quality breeders of rough collies for over 15 years - collies bred for companion, show, breeding, performance. RARE: Dilute Merle / Maltese Grey / Maltese Blue / Normal Grey Collie / Blue Merle Collie Stirling Collies RARE: Maltese Grey / Maltese Blue / Normal Grey Collie / Blue Merle Collie If a white merle is raised to maturity and is from a BM to BM cross, it can be bred to a tricolor and will produce 100% blue merles. For example, a Rough (or long-haired) Collie has a long, double-layer coat while a Smooth Collie has a short, dense coat that lies flat. ), we do not breed our rough coated Collies to smooth Collie dogs. In this blog, researchers from Clemson University examined how these coat pattern varieties differ on the genetic level. Most of us know that in our breed brown is dominant and black recessive. a. BM.....BLUE MERLE. Color results from the interaction of the dominant dilution gene (M) with the tricolor gene (t). Stirling Collies is a MN Licensed AKC Collie Breeder of Smooth and Rough Coats - All Colors, even the RARE Blue Merle, often called a Maltese, or Gray Collie, not to be confused with a Gray Collie Syndrome Collie. 2. tSM.....TRIFACTORED SABLE MERLE. To preserve the extraordinary beauty of the rough coats of the Quaker Farm line, (exceptional for hand spinning! ALL NORMAL EYED, NON-CARRIER FOR PRA and Normal Eyed for CEA, The ABC’s Of Collie Coat Color Inheritance, Rough Coat Collies and Smooth Coat Collies, The four basic coat colors in collies are sable, tricolor, blue merle and white. Quaker Farm Collies have exceptionally textured, thick, unusually beautiful rough coats in colors of Sable & white, Tri-color and sometimes White and Blue Merle. Shadings may run from straw thru red to dark mahogany. Colored dogs usually with large white frill, heavy white tail tip, possibly a body splash of white hairs and white extending upward from hind feet over stifle to meet the white under body. (Diane Stirling - Working Collie Breeder in Minnesota). A puppy inherits one color gene from each parent. These collies are the result of a cross between either two white parents or white factored parents. Usually a clear shade of straw, or orange red without dark masking or fringes. However, many sable merles inherit blue, or blue flecked eyes...a sure sign of a merle. Color is carried on a recessive gene (w) and is inherited INDEPENDENTLY of sable, tri, or blue merle, and may occur in combination with ANY of them. The tricolor gene is present in conjunction with the sable and merle gene. 1. Ollie the black Rough Collie puppy. to help give you the best experience we can. Our newest adopted collie Miss Harper Lee. M.....MERLE. Sable collies carrying the tricolor gene in conjunction with the dominant sable gene. Collie Colors: The two base color genes in collies are brown (sable) and black (tri color). Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 of the United States Code, or other applicable laws. “Sable spotted collies”. Champion and GRAND Champion Bloodlines. Brownish merling on body, or head may, or may not remain at maturity, and thus these individuals, if they have dark eyes can be mistaken for a “normal” sable. A dominant dilution gene, which in combination with sable, or tri genes, produces merled collies. PS.....PURE SABLE. However, it is the purpose of this article to provide the reader with a simple reference chart concerning the more common color crosses as well as some of the less common crosses involving the merle factor. The Collie is a large but lithe herder standing anywhere from 22 to 26 inches tall. tri.....TRICOLOR, recessive to sable. Old Time Scotch Collie - Mountain Wave Eve. With certain crossings of the merle factor, four other colors can be produced...sable merle, dilute merle (also called normal grey, maltese, maltese blue, or maltese grey), cryptic merle, harlequin merle, and the double dilute or also called a defective white merle. a. wf.....WHITE FACTORED. Solid blacks and black and white was a common color in the 1800s. white. A blue headed white is just as sound and normal a collie as the tri, or sable headed white. Usually, (but not always), a dark orange to a very dark mahogany in color with dark masking and fringes. Blue merle. Michigan Rough Collie Breeder of AKC Rough Collies & Rough Collie Puppies in Sable & White, Blue Merle, Sable Merle & Tri-color Coat Colors w.....WHITE. b. tS.....TRIFACTORED SABLE. These are not to be confused with the white merle whose “white” color results from the double dominant dilution merle gene, whereas the white color of a blue headed white results from the recessive gene (ww) and its blue color from the normal interaction of the merle gene with tricolor. This website includes collie pictures, collie pedigrees, collie related links, and collie breed information. At maturity, quite often these collies lose their merling and coat color becomes a clearer red. This is not true of white merles carrying the PS genes, or the tS genes when bred to a tri. of the resulting POSSIBLE progeny are factual, but not necessarily a POSITIVE end result of each breeding as Nature’s whimsies cannot be computer programmed due to the Laws of Chance. In these specimens -also referred to as blackbird blue- the predominant color is usually … Normal Eyed, and Normal Eyed, Non-Carriers for PRA and CEA. PS + tS =     (1) PS / (1) tStS + tri = (1) tS / (1) tri, BM + tS = (1) tS / (1) BM / (1) tSM / (1) tri, SM + tri = (1) tSM / (1) BM / (1) tS / (1) tri, tSM + tS = (2) tS / (2) tSM / (1) BM / (1) tri / (1) PSM / (1) PS, tSM + PS = (1) PS / (1) PSM / (1) tS / (1) tSM, Wf + Wf = (1) white / (2) Wf / (1) non Wf, WfBM + white,tri head = (1) white, BM head / (1) white, tri head / (1) Wf BM / (1) Wf tri, Original Article Was By Dot Gerth - I modified with it with new info by Dr. Leigh Anne Clark and Susan Murphy (2018), *We do offer a Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy, from one of our future litters, if the puppy is kept on Life's Abundance Pet Food (.
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