The major scale is the most commonly used scale. Index finger for the first note, middle for the second, ring for the third, and of course the pinky for the last note. The ukulele scales we’re going to look at are different ‘flavours’ of the D scale. Here’s the schedule I use, and I find it works pretty well without being boring… Chord changes: 5 mins – Work on the chord changes that you haven’t quite nailed down yet. Each song includes chords, lyrics, and tab. Download free ukulele scale charts in PDF format. Available scales include blues, major, minor pentatonic, and more. Each of these exercises can be completed in just five minutes for a total of 25 minutes a day. It did well enough that the Dummies folks wanted a follow up: Ukulele Exercises for Dummies.I’m highly allergic to the word “exercise” – I had to take half a dozen Benadryls just to write this intro – so I recommended they get Brett from Ukulele Tricks to write it. Learn Christmas songs for ukulele at Chromatic Exercise. Of course, you can practice any of these as much as you want. The first scale is D major. … Notice that none of these scales contain any open strings – this means you can use the same pattern at different points along the neck to play scales in different keys. If you don’t know that I wrote Ukulele for Dummies I obviously haven’t been doing enough shameless self-promotion. Thankfully, ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn how to play, and these basic beginner ukulele exercises are the best ways to start sounding like a pro! This is a simple chromatic exercise that we use all of our fingers for. These chord diagrams show you the 15 most common chords. Because of the re-entrant tuning of the ukulele this chromatic scale jumps around a little, but the key factor is to move all four fingers. In each case, the name of … View all music for free online. The 20 minute ukulele exercise schedule. Part of Ukulele Exercises For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition) To make the most of your ukulele exercises, you need to learn how to play the most common chords on the ukulele fretboard.
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