That plant was suppose to put out some excellent Epiphone guitars and I just am verifying that the serial number is indeed the Korean plant and if $325 is a fair price for one in excellent condition. 21= Unsung, Korea 22= ??? Korea (unconfirmed - factory unknown) 23= ??? Guitar is available with originals at a lower price. the chrome on the pickup covers, bridge and tailstop is … They have productive capability 50,000 Electric Guitars and … I just want to know that a 2004 was made in Korea. serial number u01062520 fast becoming rare beast, 19 years old and in this lovely virtual time capsule condition ! Probably one of our favourite guitars for its playability, faithfulness to the original and classic mellow P90 tones. en general la premiere lettre indique le lieu de fabrication : S = Samick, Korea I = Saein, Korea F = Fine Guitars, Korea U = Unsung, Korea et si il y a 8 chiffres qui suivent les 2 premiers indiquent l'année de fabrication (ex. This guitar was made at the Unsung Plant, in Korea on March, 2001 Production Number: 1096 Factory Identifier: U Year: 01 Month: 03 Production Number: 1096 Un Sung Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, located in Inchon, Korea. Small area of damage close to binding o Guitar has already been upgraded with a matched pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Indonesia (unconfirmed - factory unknown) I = Indonesia (this letter has appeared as the 5th digit on two authentic new models made in Indonesia) Un poco de Historia: The Epiphone Company es una compañía fabricante de instrumentos musicales. cherry red finish. gibson/epiphone sg400. Gorgeous lemonburst finish with a mild flame top. This is mint condition and comes with fitted hard case. Epiphone Elite/Elitist models F = Factory code (F = Fuji-gen, T = Terada) ... 21 = Unsung, Korea 22 = Korea (factory still unknown) 23 = Samick factory Indonesia I = Indonesia (this letter has appeared as the 5th digit on two authentic new models made in Indonesia) this sg400 was built at the unsung plant, korea, in june 2001, production number 2520 . Since the verification shows Korea/China. Epiphone VS Casino made in 2009 at the Unsung plant in Korea. Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Limited Edition Les Paul Standard from Epiphone.
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