We all have just 6 cervical vertebrae and nothing will change that (at least in the next million evolutive years). The Kayan are a sub-group of Red Karen (Karenni people), Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority of Myanmar (Burma). If we want to be even more accurate, the Kayan tribe is actually part of the Kayan Lahwi tribe. Tourists are the main source of money for them and their families. That is the world record. That means, they must remain in the village to please the tourists. But this discussion is really tricky. By the way, she did, in fact, called herself “giraffe woman”, or “giraffe lady”. According to Kayan tradition the Kayan settled in the Demawso area of Karenni State (Kayah State) in 739 AD. Huai Seau Tao is a commercial village opened in 1995. Some people call them “Karen long neck village Chiang Mai”. [3] Among the refugee camps set up there was a Long Neck section, which became a tourist site, self-sufficient on tourist revenue and not needing financial assistance.[4]. [1] The young man’s family have to provide a dowry to seal the contract. So please avoid the term “giraffe woman” or even, the most polite version of it, “giraffe lady”. The largest is Huay Pu Keng, on the Pai river, close to the Thai Myanmar border. Currently, the Myanmar government is looking forward to bringing the tribe back in the country. Long neck tribe Thailand. But why exactly do they wear coils around their necks? The civil war in Myramar started in the late 1980’s early ’90s and caused death and a big flow of refugees who left the country looking for a peaceful home. The other type is one or more spiral metal coils of many turns, often worn only by women. However, the truth is that “tribes with long necks” in the world is actually one tribe, instead of many. There is not an absolute answer. Consequently, many women in Myanmar began breaking the tradition, though a few older women and some of the younger girls in remote villages continued to wear rings. The Karenni National People's Liberation Front (KNPLF), an armed cease-fire group, have made attempts to invite the Kayan to return to Kayah State to set up their own tourist villages. Usually the daughter-in-law will move in with her husband upon marriage and in that case, the price is higher than if the man moves in with his wife. Kayan woman. They live in a refugee camp. The contract ceremony may be ended by the families eating together chicken provided by the groom’s family. It has also been theorised that the coils originate from the desire to look more attractive by exaggerating sexual dimorphism, as women have more slender necks than men. “Padaung” are the rings they use. The neck itself is not lengthened; the appearance of a stretched neck is created by the deformation of the clavicle. However, marriage between different generations is taboo. ;). The Kayan have become well-known for the striking appearance of their women, wearing rings or coils around the neck that make it seem like the neck is stretched and their head floating above a pedestal of gold. Your email address will not be published. For example, they can’t travel anywhere without a special permission issued by the Government of Thailand directly. Kayan woman (aka long neck women) are Burmese refugees, famous all over the world. Padaung (Yan Pa Doung) is a Shan term for the Kayan Lahwi (the group in which women wear the brass neck rings). But this tradition has been part of the Kayan culture for a long time and their Padaung helps them to earn a living in a hostile context. Girls first start to wear rings when they are around 5 years old. [5] About 600 Kayan reside in the three villages open to tourists in Mae Hong Sorn, or in the Ban Mai Nai Soy refugee camp. Many women have removed the rings for medical examinations. There is much more you need to know about them. It is preferable for first cousins to get married. . The government is aware that what some call “long neck women” has turned into a tourist attraction. The majority of them have a hard time finding jobs or even moving around. [7] Neck rings. Kayan Gebar, Kayan Kakhi and, sometimes, Bwe people (Kayaw). The weight of the brass pushes the collar bone down and compresses the rib cage. The major religious festival is the three-day Kay Htein Bo festival, which commemorates the belief that the creator god gave form to the world by planting a small post in the ground. Khin Maung Nyun said that this community prefers to be called, Kayan’s tribe neck rings are actually called “Padaung”. The Kayan consists of the following groups: Kayan Lahwi (also called Padaung, ပဒေါင်[bədàʊɰ̃]), Kayan Ka Khaung (Gekho), Kayan Lahta, Kayan Ka Ngan. The appearance of Kayan women is unique and eye-catching. That means, actually they are not people with long necks, nor they are just tribes with long necks. The Kayan have a strong belief in augury and nothing is done without reference to some form of divination, including breaking thatch grass, but most importantly consulting the chicken bones.[16]. Last but not least, they also sew and create beautifully-handmade crafts. It is believed that if these rules are violated, misfortune falls upon all their relatives. But, firstly, Karen is just a nonrelated name, and the village where they live isn’t exactly Chiang Mai, even though it’s pretty close. However, they do look as if they did. And tourists are a source of money. [6] Today, they reside in Karenni (Kayah) State around Demawso and Loikow, in the southern region of Shan State and in Mandalay’s Pyinmana and Karen’s Than Daung township. These two things create an optical longer look. The rule of marriage is only those genetically related are allowed to marry. It is also an opportunity for Kayan from different villages to come together to maintain the solidarity of the tribe. On the other hand, Pascal Khoo Thwe calls his people Padaung in his 2002 memoir, From the Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey. Statistics published in 2005 list 306 Kayan villages, out of which 209 are Roman Catholic, 19 Kan Khwan, 32 Baptist, and 44 Buddhist, of which 2 belong to the Byamaso civil society organization.
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