So you can use your smartphone during the holidays to make gourmet foods. Xiaomi Mijia IH 2.4GHz WiFi Multifunction Rice Cooker, AC 220V, Volume: 3L. The Xiaomi Mijia C1 rice cooker is a portable device to cook about 8 bowls of rice with 3L storage capacity. Both the rice spoon and soup spoon come with a very pleasant texture. Its opening speed is slower than the rival. It was priced at 999 yuan ($145). Like any other smart gadgets by the company, this intelligent household device costs only RMB 999 / US$150 / S$210 – a relatively small price to… This rice cooker comes with way more functions than traditional products from the same range. There is an LED to display the cooking mode. We have here a classic representative of rice cookers, steamers and similar devices. MiJia Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker 2 is a multifunctional thing that will allow to cook many different dishes. The first thing that will stand out from the pot is its capacity since this is not the first that Xiaomi brings to the market, but the vast majority have somewhat high capacities that may not be very useful when looking for a portable device. So when moving, you have to use both hands. Further, it is a magnificent electric smart equipment for families with 2-4 people. It can also be regarded as a ‘high-end and low-price’ feature. MiJia Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker 2 comes with two spoons, a measuring cup, a power cable and a steam cooking container. We have a typical representative of the MiJia family — a white beautiful housing and a qualitative build. It is easy to clean. But the difference is that the function expansion of the mode in the app is more comprehensive. The running status can be viewed through the app. The inner lid, anti-clog cover, and bubble breaker included in the Xiaomi rice cooker can be manually removed and washed out. Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 – When Price Doesn’t Define a Product. The excellent packaging and removable and easy-to-clean design are the advantages of the Xiaomi rice cooker. The C1 rice cooker has the 3L capacity and can cook 8 bowls of rice … As for the design, the Mijia Pressure IH Rice Cooker still comes with the same minimalistic design as other Mijia products. 2020 New Xiaomi Mijia Electric Rice Cooker C1 3L capacity Multifunction Automatic Adjustable Electric Rice cooker. This is also true not only for smartphones but for the kitchen products as well. NiSoMi LLC. The so-called intelligent module is placed on the back. As you guess, it’s white. Also, we can see, two grills for heat dissipation. Also Read: MediaTek Helio M70 revealed – The world first 5G/4G SoC Xiaomi MiJia Xiaofang Rice Cooker – Cooking with the latest technology. Kribee 5s Food Steamer – Cook Healthy Dishes With No Efforts, TOWNEW T3 – Trash Can With Smart Technologies, New Flagship Mi 10 Ultra Was Released Today, Showsee A8 - Hairdryer That Protects Your Hair, Innovative Light In Your House: Midian Zero-Blue Bedside Lamp, Xiaomi Launches New Mosquito Bite Relief Stick. You don’t have to worry about burning your dish and other unpleasant things. expired Xiaomi IH Smart Electric Rice Cooker 4L Alloy Cast Iron Cooker APP Wi-Fi Control $206.10 Delivered @ Gshopper eBay. There are detailed instructions. The power socket is placed on the lower right side, which is a very smart approach indeed. The highlights of the Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 are the built-in 8 cooking modes, special cooking time button, 6-speed timing selection. The internal volume is limited to three liters, which will be enough even for preparation of dinner for a big family. 1-499 Pieces $24.99. Before coming off work to start the rice cooker, home can taste the warm rice. The compact design is ideal for carrying. As you guess, the manufacturer has covered it with such a layer to prevent the product from scratches. Turn on the ‘refined cooking mode’. The tweet shows the images of the two cookers which are a part of the Xiaomi's Mi Ecosystem lineup - the Mijia Smart Rice Cooker, and the Mijia Induction Cooker. In our opinion, the scene mentioned in the article is enough for the Xiaomi rice cooker. Thus, it is perfect at everything. It will tell how to cook different kinds of rice to make them delicious. It seems that nothing unusual can be invented here, but not exactly. The cooking time is one hour. Read in the short review below. And it does not have much odor. In this sense, Xiaomi has continued the same strategy used in its smart home appliances and add some ‘smart’ features to its latest rice cooker. When talking about the look of this rice cooker, we should pay attention to two parts. The taste can be soft, medium, and hard. So let’s get acquainted with their advantages. Of course, the Xiaomi pressure IH rice cooker adopts a unique shape, which can be easily integrated into any home decoration. The bottom of the body carries four feet. Officially, the pot is called ‘Flame Iron Kettle’. The dimensions are 300×251×212 mm and the total weight is 6.45 kg. But its best selling point is the cast iron liner and IH heating method. Especially, it is very flexible and convenient to make a reservation. This rice cooker for now is not available in India but you can buy from International stores, it will cost you around Rs. Or cook using a smartphone. It will tell how to cook different kinds of rice to make them delicious. The highlights of the Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 are the built-in 8 cooking modes, special cooking time button, 6-speed timing selection.
2020 xiaomi mijia rice cooker review